Neil Gaiman has actually launched a special Aziraphale tease from Good Omens season 2. Based on the 1990 book of the very same name composed by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Good Omens was adjusted into a tv series for Prime Video in 2019. Though it was at first planned to be a restricted series, high viewership numbers and vital honor caused Good Omens getting a season 2 renewal in June 2021. While there is no company release date since yet, season 2 is anticipated to be launched this summertime.

In a Valentine’s Day post shared to his Tumblr, Gaiman launched an excerpt of Aziraphale’s on-screen journal from Good Omens season 2. Gaiman states that he was asked to compose a passage in Aziraphale’s journal for a season 2 scene, however that the last shot for the scene wound up being too near really see the majority of the writing. Rather than letting the composing go to lose, nevertheless, Gaiman published the complete journal entry, as “a small Valentine’s Day gift for any of you who need cheering up.” Read the entry below:

“Madam!” I stated, “I do believe that you have entirely misunderstood me!” The countess drew herself to her complete height, which I think would have had to do with 5 feet and 7 inches, and gazed at me, rather puzzled. “No,” she stated, “I believe that it is you who are mistaken, Mr Fell. For never have I met a man of any kind who could resist my blandishments.” And then, changing her garments (which took a lot longer than shedding them), she included, “I do not know what manner of a man you are, Mr Fell. I trust you will still help my brother with his little problem.” “I am still there for him,” I ensured her. “He is as good as freed from his durance vile.” “You are an angel,” stated the countess. And so we left the matter. This early morning, her sibling rejoined her, launched (by me) from debtor’s gaol. She was by all accounts thrilled to see him.

POSTSCRIPT: It appears that she was not a countess, he was not her sibling, and they left together for France leaving numerous financial obligations behind them. I informed Crowley everything about the matter over a glass of claret, however he did not seem as shocked as I had actually anticipated.

Everything We Know About Good Omens Season 2

With Good Omens having actually been developed as a restricted series, season 1 carefully followed the plot of Gaiman and Pratchett’s initial book. However, with the season 1 ending having actually finished up the almost-apocalypse, the plot of season 2 is mostly a secret. Gaiman has actually exposed that he and Pratchett had actually planned to compose a follow up to their 1990 book, which while it never ever concerned fulfillment, a few of the concepts from the follow up book will be integrated into season 2.

Though audiences are still waiting for a trailer for Good Omens season 2, shooting updates have actually exposed some fascinating information about the upcomingseason While Michael Sheen and David Tennant are returning as Aziraphale and Crowley, other significant stars have actually left the series, consisting of Benedict Cumberbatch (Lucifer) and Frances McDormand (God). Meanwhile, a number of season 1 stars have actually been verified to come back in season 2, such as Maggie Service, Nina Sosyana, Quelin Sepulveda andMiranda Richardson However, the stars will not be going back to their very same Good Omens season 1 functions, however rather will be playing totally brand-new characters.

With just a few months left in the past Summer, a Good Omens trailer is undoubtedly due quickly. Though the plot of season 2 is still under tight covers, Gaiman has actually been thoroughly teasing tips about the program by means of social networks, consisting of publishing some incredibly uncertain screencaps, to keep audiences engaged. However, Gaiman launching an excerpt from Aziraphale’s journal is an extremely special tease for the upcoming season of Good Omens, even by Gaiman’s requirements.

Source: Neil Gaiman/Tumblr