Director Ric Roman Waugh has actually used some in-depth insight into what his upcoming post-apocalyptic follow up, Greenland: Migration, will include. In a prolonged interview with Collider, the filmmaker has actually revealed when the follow-up will get with survivor Gerard Butler and the rest of the Garrity household, in addition to exactly what Greenland: Migration will all have to do with…


Released back in December 2020, the initially Greenland starts when researchers find that pieces of a comet will strike Earth in a couple of days and will likely trigger the termination of humankind. The just hope of survival is to nestle in a group of bunkers in Greenland, with the story following a household who should defend survival as they make their method to redemption prior to the comet hits the world.

Greenland ends with a mean the follow up, as the Garrity household leave the security of the bunker to face the brand-new world. And it seems like the world has actually certainly gone through a great deal of modifications…

“And the fun of it is, the way that the extinction event happened during the dinosaur period and the continental divides changed, and where the tectonic plates went, we get to kind of F-up the world, so to speak, and create our own kind of utopia or dystopia, what we have now.”

Greenland: Migration Will Pick Up Years Later & Explore the Trauma of Being Trapped Underground

Gerard Butler in Greenland

Ric Roman Waugh continues, exposing that Greenland: Migration will get a number of years after the very first getaway and finds engineer John Garrity (Gerard Butler) dealing with the post-apocalypse now that the really worst is over.

“It’s 5 to 7 years later. It’s enough that, which was very true about the last extinction event, was that there was so much toxicity in the atmosphere that nobody could live above ground for quite a while. There was still fires and there’s all kinds of stuff going on, ash, you couldn’t breathe.”

As well as surviving out in the world, the Greenland follow up will explore what it’s like for humankind after being separated underground for so long, and what such scenarios “do to the human psyche.”

“So we went by science and allowed a number of years to go by to where you realize that these people have been imprisoned underground. What does that do to the human psyche? How does that contribute to when you do go into a migration mode and you’re trying to find new places to survive and you have all of that trauma? A little boy that was eight years old, or seven years old, that’s now 13 or 14, what is his life as a teenager when he’s known nothing else but cement walls and underground? These are the things that we want to play with. So we feel like time underground, it’s factual of what happened, but also it helps us with story.”

Once once again starring Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin, Greenland: Migration does not yet have a release date, however is anticipated to go into production quickly.