With a lineup loaded with well known entertainers, HBO’s The Last of Us Tommy star Gabriel Luna remembers the psychological assistance he got from video game starJeffrey Pierce Tommy initially appeared in the adjustment of the Naughty Dog video game in its pilot, with Luna playing the optimistic bro ofPedro Pascal’s Joel Following their disastrous effort to make it through the preliminary Cordyceps infection, which led to the death of Joel’s child Sarah, the 2 would go their different methods eventually, lastly reunited in The Last of Us episode 6 with Joel and Ellie’s arrival in Jackson, Wyoming.

Fresh off his series return, Gabriel Luna overtook Vulture to talk about HBO’s The Last ofUs In assessing his relationship with the returning video game cast, the Tommy star remembered the psychological assistance he got from initial video game star Jeffrey Pierce, along with their sweet conference at the premiere of the hit program. See what Luna shared below:

Jeffrey and I fulfilled at the premiere about a month back. We had actually fulfilled by means of the web about a year back, and he has actually constantly been so, so favorable therefore inviting. As far as the TLOU household is worried, he’s been a champ of mine. On the web, when some individuals were a little less than positive in my casting, Jeffrey has actually been on the cutting edge in defense of my involvement in the story. I informed him as much when I saw him at the premiere and offered him a huge hug. I got a little psychological when I saw him and informed him “thank you”– for his sensational efficiency, from which I soaked up a fair bit, and for his excellent defense of Tommy and myself and the function.

Will Tommy Return In The Last Of Us’ Future?

Gabriel Luna in The Last of Us

As has actually held true for a lot of episodes of the program, and the source product itself, The Last of Us episode 6 saw Luna’s Tommy play an essential function, just to then be left as Joel and Ellie advance their journey. Given the familial relationship in between the 2 characters, concerns have actually occurred regarding whether Joel and Tommy will reunite eventually in the program’s future. The Last of Us episode 7’s trailer showed Tommy will not look like the focus is rather moved to checking out Ellie’s backstory, particularly with the arrival of Storm Reid’s Riley.

However, with The Last of Us having currently got a season 2 renewal following its record setting very first couple of episodes, the door does appear open for Tommy to return somewhere else. Tommy did appear in The Last of Us Part II video game, being provided a much bigger function than the very first title as a creator of Jackson, the Wyoming neighborhood presented in episode 6, in spite of not appearing in the initial video game. While the episode currently adjusted the beginning series in which Joel admits his regret for their previous faults, there is a wealth of other product to check out in season 2 for Tommy.

With a couple of episodes staying, it’s uncertain where The Last of Us season 1 will end in adjusting the initial video game. Showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have actually shown the program will not run far past the 2 video games, with the previous even suggesting The Last of Us season 2 might be divided into 2 parts in order to cover the 2nd video game’s extensive story. If season 1 does end prior to the initial video game, Tommy’s return appears mostly not likely till a minimum of midway through season 2.

Source: Vulture