Following the current news that comics hero Hellboy will be restarted all over once again, director Brian Taylor has actually guaranteed that his prepare for the job will be “something that hasn’t been seen on screen before.” Speaking with Collider, Taylor exposed a far couple of information about his vision for (yet another) reboot of Hellboy, stating that it will definitely be something that hardcore fans of the Dark Horse Comics character wish to see on the big screen.

“I want fans to know that we’re coming at this film, from a place of love for the original material, and for the character, for Mike’s character. We’re not trying to reinvent some completely different idea of Hellboy—we’re trying to get back to the feeling of these particular books from the mid-aughts. It’s something that hasn’t been seen on screen before, but it’s a version I think hardcore Hellboy fans will want to see. Anyway, I do.”

Hellboy was very first given live action by Oscar winning director Guillermo del Toro back in 2004. Starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Jeffrey Tambor, Rupert Evans, and John Hurt, del Toro’s adjustment was popular by both critics and audiences alike, causing another seriously well-known getaway, Hellboy II: The Golden Army in 2008.

Instead of offering del Toro the trilogy he should have, and audiences desired, Lionsgate rather chose to reboot the home with Hellboy in 2019. Stranger Things star David Harbour takes control of as Big Red, and while his efficiency was really popular, the entire thing seemed like a lesser-take on what del Toro did so remarkably, causing what can just be referred to as a crucial mauling.

Time will inform what director Brian Taylor has in shop, and how he will make a Hellboy motion picture that both attract comics fans while providing something special.

The Hellboy Reboot Will Adapt the Comic Book Arc The Crooked Man

Hellboy The Crooked Man Comic

Details of what the Hellboy reboot will include have actually come thick and quick, with Taylor exposing that the motion picture will adjust the comics miniseries,The Crooked Man Published in 2008, The Crooked Man is a smaller sized, more intimate, lower stakes story than audiences are utilized to, and discovers the well-meaning half-Demon help a guy who wants to conserve his soul.

“More lean and mean, creepy folk horror. A younger Hellboy, wandering the dark corners of the world… Paranormal investigator, night stalker… The Crooked Man in particular is just such an iconic book—written by Mike, drawn by Richard Corben, another legend,” Taylor described. “Set in the late 50s. For me it’s my preferred variation of the character. So the appeal of this one to me, is to return to that and do a genuine reset, and truly offer us that variation of Hellboy, which I simply do not believe we have actually seen yet.”

No release date has yet been set for the Hellboy reboot, nor do we understand who will enter the huge boots (or might it be slim legs and hooves this time around?) of the title character. Stay tuned for more on the Hellboy: The Crooked Man.