Millennium Media is establishing a brand new live-action Hellboy film, marking the 3rd version of the character to be established for the big screen within the previous twenty years. Previously, Ron Perlman played Hellboy in a set of movies by director Guillermo del Toro, respectively launched in 2004 and 2008. Neil Marshall would later on direct an unassociated reboot with David Harbour in the function which was launched in 2019, though it bombed bigtime with its evaluations from critics and ticket office efficiency.

In any case, the time has actually come for director Brian Taylor, who co-directed the Crank movies and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, to take a fracture at restartingHellboy Speaking with Collider about the task, Taylor revealed some brand-new details about the reboot, which he validates will be greatly influenced by the graphic book series Hellboy:The Crooked Man Taylor teases that going this path will present a brand-new Hellboy that differs from the previous variations played by Perlman and Harbour, which the “creepy folk horror” tone will likewise assist the reboot have its own special feel.

From the interview:

“So first of all, I love the character of Hellboy and my favorite run of the character is this particular era. The GDT movies were massive scale space operas and just pure Del Toro through and through. But some of the comics Mike (Mignola) was doing at the time had a very different feeling. More lean and mean, creepy folk horror. A younger Hellboy, wandering the dark corners of the world… Paranormal investigator, night stalker… The Crooked Man in particular is just such an iconic book—written by Mike, drawn by Richard Corben, another legend. Set in the late 50s. For me it’s my favorite version of the character. So the appeal of this one to me, is to go back to that and do a real reset, and really give us that version of Hellboy, which I just don’t think we’ve seen yet.”

Hellboy Gets Rebooted Once Again, But Comic Book Fans Are Intrigued

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While there have actually been other movies, Hellboy: The Crooked Man has actually been referred to as the very first “authentic” film based upon the character. This is partially due to the fact that it’s the very first live-action film to consist of the participation of Hellboy developer Mike Mignola, who’s co-writing the script withChristopher Golden In addition to producing Hellboy, Mignola co-wrote The Crooked Man comics withJoshua Dysart Because the strategy is to make the movie really devoted to the comics, Taylor has actually validated that the film will have an R-rating, since that’s the only manner in which they can remain so devoted.

“We’ve definitely had a discussion of, you know, it doesn’t really serve anybody to make something R for R’s sake. To say it has to be R so we have to add A, B and C. But this material, this original material is dark and scary and violent and adult. So in order to really embrace that, we just don’t wanna have any handcuffs on.”

Hellboy: The Crooked Man does not have a release date at this time.