Fans have actually been talking continuously about The Flash since the brand-new trailer dropped throughout the Super Bowl, and while there’s been a swelling of enjoyment, lots of huge fans of Henry Cavill can’t assist however feel some dissatisfaction. In the motion picture, Ezra Miller returns as Barry Allen, well, technically several variations of that character. There’s more than one Batman sliding around in the movie also, with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck both returning as their particularDark Knights The movie likewise restores Michael Shannon as General Zod while presenting Sasha Calle as Supergirl, all of which is displayed in the brand-new trailer.

Unfortunately for the Man of Steel, nevertheless, it appears that Barry has actually produced a truth in which Superman is dead. The character’s death is apparently suggested in the trailer with a shot of Superman’s folded fit on the ground. Given her existence in the trailer, it appears like Supergirl will be filling that space, as she can be seen taking on versus Zod at one minute in the trailer. For as interesting as whatever else going on may be, Cavill fans are revealing just how much more wonderful they ‘d have discovered The Flash if this was the Man of Steel.

“Henry Cavill should have been cast in The Flash IMO,” as one fan regrets onTwitter “Like that would have been an EVENT. To go back to the Man of Steel era with him as they introduce Supergirl. This would be the perfect movie for Batfleck and Superman to say goodbye to their DCEU era and usher in the DCU.”

The Flash trailer looks pretty great but imagine if we’d gotten Henry Cavil playing Flashpoint Superman, that would have been a visual,” as another fan puts it.

Pleading straight with James Gunn and describing the reports of the cut camoe, another fan tweets, “James please don’t cut out Henry Cavill as Superman should he be in any capacity in The Flash. Let him walk away with courage and respect for what he did in the DCEU!”

Sasha Calle Steps Up as Supergirl

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For what it deserves, not all hope is lost for Henry Cavill looking like Superman in the movie. There are most likely to be lots of huge surprises that will not be ruined by the trailer, and it’s possible that a Man of Steel cameo might be amongst them. There are reports that Cavill had in truth shot a cameo for the movie, in addition to Justice League co-stars Jason Momoa andGal Gadot However, it’s likewise been reported that these cameos might have been snipped from the last cut prior to it heads to theaters. If Cavill is now formally out as Superman, the powers that be at DC Studios might select to eliminate the character’s look so as not to tease more of the character to come in the DCU, as that’s not going to take place.

We’ll all learn who appears in The Flash when the movie strikes theaters on June 16, 2023. You can see some more of the fan responses to Henry Cavill’s lack in the movie below.