Hilary Duff provides a positive viewpoint on the inactive Lizzie McGuire reboot. Back in August 2019, a revival of Lizzie McGuire was revealed as remaining in the works for Disney+. Duff, who played the eponymous character in the initial, was verified to repeat her function, and series developer Terri Minsky would be the showrunner. The task was set to concentrate on Lizzie at the age of thirty while residing in a home in New York City, however it rapidly faced problem. Minsky left as showrunner in January 2020 after the very first 2 episodes had actually been shot, due to imaginative distinctions withDisney And, in December of that year, Duff formally shared the news that the Lizzie McGuire extension would not be taking place.

During an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Duff was asked to elaborate on what failed with the Lizzie McGuire revival. Duff was reluctant in her reaction for a beat, though she eventually recommended that there were distinctions in between Disney+ and individuals behind Lizzie McGuire Nonetheless, in the quote below by means of Seventeen, the How I Met Your Father lead was positive that she would ultimately repeat her unforgettable function:

“Oh ok, um… Disney+ was very new. You know, I think they were like figuring out their… and we were figuring out our… I am optimistic.”

How I Met Your Father Feels Like A Lizzie McGuire Reboot

HIMYF Sophie Jesse Bar

Duff presently stars as Sophie on How I Met Your Father season 2, a character who is trying to find love in a huge city. Given that the spinoff of How I Met Your Mother was revealed by Hulu on the heels of the Lizzie McGuire reboot being cancelled, it’s challenging to look past the resemblances, particularly when thinking about both programs would be owned byDisney There’s likewise the tone of How I Met Your Father, which continues with its 2nd installation – the humor is really light and moderate, having more in typical with Lizzie than the sharp and wonderfully ridiculous How I Met Your Mother.

It’s not to state that Duff’s present series does not have its appeals, though How I Met Your Father season 2 is significantly more appealing in its significant efforts than its comical leanings. It looks like a variation of what an adult Lizzie may have been– entertaining and warm, though mainly enjoyed due to the affinity the audience has for the characters and the desire to tune in as a pleasant lead like Lizzie McGuire browses their location on the planet.

How I Met Your Father has actually no verified connection to the cancelled Lizzie McGuire reboot. It’s more a case of timing and the resemblances of storytelling technique and plot. In any case, it speaks with the value of what Disney considers its brand name. There were apparently issues about providing Lizzie in intimate stories that include sex. But, as a various character, Duff has actually done what Lizzie McGuire could not finish with her most acknowledged function. The star stays confident that might alter.

Source: Seventeen