With the Dance of the Dragons approaching, brand-new art work programs Rhaenyra Targaryen preparing to begin a war in the upcoming season of House of the Dragon. After House of the Dragon season 1 established the awful dispute in between youth buddies Alicent Hightower and Princess Rhaenyra, their households have actually now driven them both into war. With Lucerys Velaryon dead at Aemond Targaryen’s hand, the time has actually come for Rhaenyra to rally her soldiers and her dragons.

Fan art by relevant_joke_here on Reddit (by means of The Blacks & Legacy) illustrates precisely who Rhaenyra may end up being when she lastly wears her armor and heads to fight. Check out the art below:

Rhaenyra is currently using her daddy’s crown in the program, however the art illustrates her wearing armor that bears a striking similarity to Daemon Targaryen’s own draconic armor. She is likewise wielding the famous Valyrian steel blade Blackfyre, which will end up being a weapon utilized versus House Targaryen long after completion of House of the Dragon.

Will Rhaenyra Really Be Heading To War?

Rhaenyra and her guards

It isn’t too tough to envision Rhaenyra putting on armor and bring a sword of her own in House of the Dragon season 2. Alicent and Aemond left her no other option after Lucerys was eliminated while serving as a simple messenger. Rhaenyra ends season 1 looking downright homicidal. With Daemon at her side to force her to introduce a full-blown intrusion, it is most likely than not that Rhaenyra will want to devote atrocities.

Even if Rhaenyra is not the one straight leading the charge in House of the Dragon, war will be waged in her name. Daemon is currently rallying dragons to war versus Aegon, Rhaenyra’s half-brother. No matter what occurs, the Blacks and Greens will be at war, and Rhaenyra will be the face of her individuals, the Blacks. The Greens are not most likely to pull back after taking the throne and killing Lucerys, and it isn’t most likely that Otto Hightower would even let them.

If Rhaenyra is to end up being the Queen of Westeros — something she hasn’t avoided given that the birth of her kids — she will require to end up being the conqueror that the very first Aegon was. It stays to be seen if she really can. House of the Dragon season 2 set videos and images have actually currently teased a few of Rhaenyra’s stunning relocations, and when the episodes themselves get here, the complete scope of her future arc will be exposed.

Source: relevant_joke_here/Reddit (by means of The Blacks & Legacy)