How I Met Your Father stars tease much more How I Met Your Mother cameos from the initial cast following the looks of Cobie Smulders andNeil Patrick Harris The How I Met Your Mother spin-off series has lots of Easter eggs and enjoyable cameos, consisting of Becky and The Captain, connecting it back to the cherished comedy. In the season one ending, the very first initial cast member of How I Met Your Mother made a look when Robin Scherbatsky provided Sophie hard-earned recommendations about her love life in MacLaren’s Pub.

The 2nd season premiere included the return of another How I Met Your Mother initial cast member when Neil Patrick Harris returned asBarney Stinson In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Tom Ainsley, Suraj Sharma, and Francia Raisa stayed tight-lipped about who else will be making a look in How IMet Your Father However, they did tease “some insane cameos,” which might imply that fans will have the opportunity to find out about what Marshall, Lily, and Ted depend on.

We understand from the flash forward that we are going to get a Barney Stinson cameo eventually. Could we possibly see anybody else from the initial cast?

Tom Ainsley: There are some ridiculous cameos.

Suraj Sharma: Insane cameos that you do not see coming.

Francia Raisa: When I check out the script, I resembled, “Really?!”

Which How I Met Your Mother Characters Are Most Likely To Drop By HIMYF?

Barney in How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 1

One character that has actually been verified to return late in the series is Barney Stinson, when How I Met Your Father reaches the minute when Sophie rear-ends him. The manufacturers have actually discussed how Barney’s look will be a significant pivotal moment forSophie They have actually likewise determined stories for each of the initial characters, which suggests cameos are absolutely something they want for each initial cast member.

Two other characters that might be quickly included are Marshall and Lily, specifically with Jesse and Sid living in their old house. Jason Segel has actually revealed an interest in repeating his How I Met Your Mother function, and this would be the best chance to see how the couple has actually developed. Marshall and Lily might appear to think back about the amusing shenanigans they would get up to with their good friends, or they might be contacted if there is a concern with the house that Jesse and Sid appear to be subletting from the couple.

Barney’s cameo might be the most intriguing due to the fact that he has actually likely altered the most after his divorce from Robin and ending up being a daddy. How he has actually grown and how that sets Sophie on a various course comparable to her conversation with Robin might be the secret to assisting her climb out of all-time low. An look from Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Father might be the most intriguing due to the fact that of his resemblances to Sophie in their objective to discover love. Ted might be the secret to assisting Sophie determine where to discover love, therefore exposing who the daddy is.