Another How I Met Your Mother character’s cameo on How I Met Your Father has actually clarified the brand-new program’s location in the total HIMYM timeline. How I Met Your Mother was a comedy staple throughout its 9-season range from 2005 to 2014, and the idea was so special that it generated a spinoff with the gender functions turned. Kim Catrall has actually handled Bob Saget’s function as the storyteller, and Hillary Duff stars as Catrall’s more youthful self.

Speaking with TVLine, How I Met Your Father co-creator Isaac Aptaker talked about Alexis Denisof’s return as sleazy newsmanSandy Rivers During season 9 of HIMYM, Ted Mosby, who Hillary Duff wishes to see a cameo from in HIMYF, exposes that Rivers had actually been “canceled” due to his office misbehavior and consequently required to operate in Russia, however it was never ever defined when that took place. With Rivers’ return in season 2 of How I Met Your Father, Aptaker verified that the occasions of the spinoff take place prior to he goes out toMoscow Read the complete quote below.

He’s [still] on his method down. The initial program led its time ‘canceling’ Sandy.

Every HIMYM Cameo On HIMYF So Far

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 1 Barney Stinson Cameo Neil Patrick Harris

Denisof, who is wed to Lily Aldrin starlet Alyson Hannigan, might not be made with Rivers either, as co-creator Elizabeth Berger has actually stated that she ‘d enjoy to have him make another look as the unpleasant newsman. Denisof is barely the very first How I Met Your Mother character to make a surprise look on the spinoff either. The initially 2 HIMYM veterans to have cameo were Kyle MacLachlan as The Captain and Laura Bell Bundy as Becky, with both appearing in the last 2 episodes of season 1 of HIMYF

During the season 1 ending, HIMYF revived Carl the bartender, played by Joe Nieves, and saw Cobie Smulders return as Robin Scherbatsky, making her the very first member of the primary cast to appear in the spinoff. The cameo assisted to complete a few of the blanks that HIMYM left for Robin while likewise permitting her to impart some knowledge on Duff’s Sophie.

A popular HIMYM cameo was available in the premiere of season 2, when Neil Patrick Harris made his return as serial womanizerBarney Stinson Barney’s cameo happens in a flash forward where he enters a fender-bender withSophie With Barney returning later on in the season theHow IMet Your Father group have actually likewise teased at more “insane​​​​​​​” HIMYM cameos to come in season 2.

Source: TVLine