HBO’s The Last of Us co-creator Craig Mazin just recently discussed how The Last of Us Part II computer game affected his imaginative procedure for the program. The series is based upon the acclaimed 2013 PlayStation video game of the very same name, which saw an effective follow up launched in 2020. Pedro Pascal stars as Joel Miller, a solidified survivor entrusted with accompanying precocious 14-year-old orphan Ellie (Bella Ramsey) to the Fireflies, an innovative group that intends to harness Ellie’s resistance to the fungal pester to produce a vaccine.

While on HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast ( through Collider), Mazin went over how The Last of Us Part II affected his imaginative procedure composing the HBO adjustment’s season 1.

While conference with the initial video game developer and series co-creator Neil Druckmann prior to production on the program, Mazin exposed that he was offered a preview at a series from the unreleased video game that portrayed Ellie’s love of area travel. Read how that minute from the video game affected Mazin below:

“When I first started working with Neil on this adaptation, it was before The Last of Us Part II came out. It was the first time I’d gone to Naughty Dog, and he asked if I wanted to see a sequence from the second game, that touches on Ellie’s fascination with being an astronaut and space travel, and it was this beautiful moment. I said we had this opportunity Neil didn’t have on the first game. We know more now. It was a chance to show how Joel knew Ellie. She asks if he knows who her favorite astronaut is, and he knows. Instinctively he’s already in her head and knows her, and she isn’t shocked by this.”

Will the HBO Series Change The Last of Us Part II’s Story

Ellie wearing the astronaut helmet in The Last of Us Part II

While episode 6 briefly mean Ellie’s fascination with area, it ends up being a substantial part of the story in The Last of Us Part II video game, which is the focus for a whole chapter. Although Ellie briefly discusses her interest in astronauts and area in the initial 2013 video game, the follow up takes her enthusiasm to an entire brand-new level with a touching series in between her andJoel However, due to the considerable reaction surrounding The Last of Us Part II and its questionable story, Mazin and Druckmann will deal with extra pressure from the franchise’s divided fanbase.

Shortly prior to The Last of Us Part II‘s release, essential narrative information were dripped to the general public, which triggered reaction about the imaginative advancements. Although the terrible leakages lacked total context, the reception to the ruined plot information was not beneficial. Druckmann, the voice cast members, and Naughty Dog’s advancement group got death hazards due to the unfulfilling plotline for Part II felt by the video gaming neighborhood. With HBO just recently revealing that The Last of Us was restored for season 2, it has actually left concerns about how the prospective story will be dealt with.

Mazin and Druckman formerly specified that they plan to stay devoted to the franchise. They likewise discussed that the HBO series will just stick to the story present in the video games and not wander off too far from the source product. Mazin and Druckmann’s remarks suggest that the story of The Last of Us season 2 will more than most likely stick to The Last of Us Part II‘s acclaimed yet dissentious story.

Source: The Last of Us Podcast (through Collider)