Ever considering that it was revealed that I Am Legend would be getting a main follow up with Michael B. Jordan co-starring with a returning Will Smith, there’s been a great deal of speculation over how that might be taking place. At the danger of exposing a 16-year-old spoiler, it must be kept in mind that Smith’s character passes away in the theatrical variation of I Am Legend that premiered in theater in 2007. The DVD release that would follow consisted of an alternate ending that more carefully looked like the Richard Matheson unique, in which Neville handles to make it through.

It had actually promised that I Am Legend 2 would be following the alternate ending if the strategy was undoubtedly to restore Smith asNeville That’s now been formally verified by co-writer Akiva Goldsman, who’s penning the upcoming follow up. In an interview with Deadline, Goldsman provided some information about I Am Legend 2, keeping in mind how the story gets years after the occasions of the very first motion picture.

“This will begin a couple of years behind the very first. I’m consumed with The Last of Us, where we see the world simply post-apocalypse however likewise after a 20-30-year lapse. You see how the earth recovers the world, and there’s something stunning in the concern of, as guy actions far from being the main renter, what takes place? That will be specifically visual inNew York I do not understand if they’ll climb to the Empire State Building, however the possibilities are unlimited.”

Goldsman likewise keeps in mind how the follow up will be more devoted to Matheson’s initial story while confirming how the brand-new motion picture acknowledges the alternate ending of the very first movie.

“We trace back to the initial Matheson book, and the alternate ending rather than the launched ending in the initial movie. What Matheson was discussing was that guy’s time on earth as the dominant types had actually concerned an end. That’s an actually fascinating thing we’re going to get to check out. There will be a bit more fidelity to the initial text.”

I Am Legend’s Theatrical Ending Didn’t Happen According to Part 2


Francis Lawrence is likewise returning to direct the follow up. Producer Jon Mone has actually formerly teased how the brand-new motion picture was taken into movement after Michael B. Jordan concerned them with a pitch for I Am Legend 2 that impressed both Will Smith andAkiva Goldsman As Mone informed Deadline in 2015:

“It is an unbelievably cool idea, an idea that made [Will] and Akiva believe that it was worth telling another story. I really can’t say [if it’s based on any of the graphic novels], but it’s based on the minds of Will, and Akiva, and Michael B. Jordan, who came up with this incredible angle on how you can continue that story.”

I Am Legend 2 does not yet have a release date.