Weeks after its premiere on HBO, The Last of Us has actually been gathering countless fans, and amongst them would be film writerAkiva Goldsman As somebody who’s no complete stranger to diving into post-apocalyptic worlds, Goldsman had especially co-written the movie script to 2007’s IAm Legend He will be back to pen the previously-announced follow up, I Am Legend 2, with Francis Lawrence likewise set to go back to the director’s chair.

In a brand-new interview with Deadline, Goldsman discussed how things are choosing I Am Legend 2 The film writer isn’t sharing any particular information, such as how Michael B. Jordan will be brought into the story to co-star with returning star Will Smith, however he does validate that the follow up follows the alternate ending to the initial film. Goldsman likewise states he’s been viewing The Last of Us to take motivation for expanding the post-apocalyptic world that will be more checked out in I Am Legend 2 This is partially since the follow up goes much even more into this world, which would make it look more like something seen in The Last of Us.

“This will begin a couple of years behind the very first. I’m consumed with The Last of Us, where we see the world simply post-apocalypse however likewise after a 20-30-year lapse. You see how the earth recovers the world, and there’s something stunning in the concern of, as male actions far from being the main occupant, what occurs? That will be particularly visual inNew York I do not understand if they’ll climb to the Empire State Building, however the possibilities are unlimited.”

Goldsman likewise teases how more motivation for the follow up comes directly from the initial I Am Legend book by Richard Matheson.

“We trace back to the initial Matheson book, and the alternate ending instead of the launched ending in the initial movie. What Matheson was speaking about was that male’s time on earth as the dominant types had actually concerned an end. That’s an actually fascinating thing we’re going to get to check out. There will be a little bit more fidelity to the initial text.”

Akiva Goldsman Isn’t the Only One Enjoying The Last of Us

Joel and Ellie - The Last of Us

The Last of Us has actually been an immediate hit for HBO. In addition to gathering high viewership on HBO, the program has actually been a hit on streaming with HBOMax Recently launched Nielsen numbers have actually exposed that the program logged 223 million minutes streamed by U.S. customers within the very first 3 hours of the series premiere’s release. Additionally, the program has actually drawn in extensive appreciation from audiences and critics, and it wasn’t a surprise when it was revealed that The Last of Us had actually been restored for a 2nd season.

You can stream The Last of Us on HBOMax New episodes are launched every Sunday.