Eric André provides a blunt description for the return of his sketch funny program, The Eric Andre Show. Imitating late-night talk programs, the series integrates over-the-top acts and celeb interviews, with André serving as the host. It premiered on Adult Swim back in 2012 and has aired over 50 episodes, in addition to several specials, consisting of The Eric Andre New Year’s Eve Spooktacular. In addition to Hannibal Buress, who co-hosted much of the program prior to leaving in season 5, Ryan Phillippe, Seth Rogen, Judy Greer, Lakeith Stanfield, and more have actually looked like visitors.

It was verified in 2022 that The Eric Andre Show was restored for season 6, arranged to launch on June 4. In a current interview with The Associated Press, André exposed that he meant to end the series after season 5. The developer described that the reason for its return was, in part, due to the fact that he did not earn money on the 2021 movie Bad Trip. Read André’s remarks concerning The Eric Andre Show‘s return below:

I was going to end the show after five seasons and then I didn’t make any money on Bad Trip. Why permanently close the door on a show where I have full creative freedom? It’s not even my corporate overlords. It’s superstition. So, I’ll tell you when the time is right.

How Long Will The Eric Andre Show Continue?

The Eric Andre Show

As André kept in mind, he has control when it pertains to this series, and the developer appears to be taking its material to another level in season 6. Not just does the Eric Andre Show season 6 trailer tease larger tricks and crazier sketches, however it likewise highlights some approaching celeb encounters with Jon Hamm, Natasha Lyonne, Tinashe and more. Jackass‘ Jeff Tremaine signed up with the approaching season as a director, and its episodes will likely see Andre star along with brand-new co-hosts too.

Though André did not make money from Bad Trip, which tracks two friends and their various pranks, the film was well-received by critics and audiences alike. In addition to that and The Eric Andre Show, the comedian continues to lend his voice to Netflix’s Disenchantment and serves as both an executive producer and star on The Prank Panel. With a potential Bad Trip sequel being made, along with any future projects of André’s, it is worth wondering how much longer he will continue The Eric Andre Show for. This could end up being the true final season.

It is interesting to hear about André’s reason for bringing the comedy series back, and fans of his are likely eager for brand-new episodes. The last one aired over 2 years earlier, and if the season 6 trailer is any indicator, there will be a lot to eagerly anticipate this time around. Those thrilled about The Eric Andre Show‘s return can be sure to stay up to date with season 6 on Adult Swim.

Source: The Associated Press