Frank Grillo might cross to the opposite of the roadway in the future and move from Marvel Studios to DCStudios The action star had a bit part in the MCU, enlivening Brock Rumlow, aka Crossbones, however his future within the franchise doubts, so he might alter sides.

Grillo is an American star and design of Italian descent with exceptional combating abilities and experience in martial arts and boxing. He made a huge name for himself in Hollywood thanks to his operate in the MCU and The Purge legend, in the Kingdom series, and his function in Prison Break, in addition to working for well-known directors such as Kathryn Bigelow in Zero Dark Thirty.

For numerous years, the star was the favorite of numerous comics fans to play Frank Castle, much better calledThe Punisher A function that would lastly be for Jon Bernthal, while Grillo was currently part ofMarvel But now, the star might attempt his luck at DC.

Through a post on his Instagram story, Frank exposed a picture of the comics’ business logo design together with the tag towards James Gunn, present director of DC Studios, with the text: “The only constant in life is change. Something is coming???”

Frank Grillo's Instagram

For now, he has actually not gotten an action from Gunn, who frequently offers little information to fans about what he is preparing and even leaves numerous hints so that he might join this video game begun by Grillo.

Which Characters Could Frank Grillo Play in the DCU?

Captain America 3: Frank Grillo Has Multi-Movie Marvel Contract

The most apparent option would definitely beDeathstroke Previously played by Joe Manganiello, Slade Wilson is a military guy who, after going through secret federal government experiments, ends up being the deadlyDeathstroke In current years he has actually been a repeating character in both the comics and the Batman Arkham series computer game.

Another fantastic possibility would be Wildcat, particularly thinking about that Gunn likes to bring not-so-popular characters to light. There have actually been various variations of this character throughout DC publications, the very best understood being Ted Grant, a skilled and intense fighter. Something that would fit Frank extremely well.

Ra’s al Ghul would be another intriguing function for the star within theDCU Leader of the League of Assassins, Ra’s al Ghul’s name in Arabic implies theDemon’s Head In movie theater, he was currently played by another action icon, Liam Neeson.