J.J. Abrams’ Justice League Dark reveal on HBO Max has actually supposedly been canceled. For a number of years,Warner Bros have actually been trying to bring the Justice League Dark group to life in live-action. Based on a number of supernatural beings in the DC world, Justice League Dark was at first being established as a function movie. But after years of being stuck in advancement hell, the studio revamped it to be a television program on HBO Max, with Abrams as an executive manufacturer. The concept was to establish a brand-new television and movie universe based upon the Justice League Dark characters that would likewise enter into a team-up series.

While the Constantine reboot and Madame X series lost their areas at HBO Max, the tasks have actually been looked around to other outlets with no success. However, it was uncertain for the longest time if Justice League Dark was still occurring or not on the HBO-branded streaming service. It appears the ensemble drama is stagnating forward as The Hollywood Reporter exposes that HBO Max has actually relatively ditchedJustice League Dark At the time of this story’s publication, HBO Max,Warner Bros Discovery, Abrams, or anybody at Bad Robot Productions have actually not talked about the report.

How James Gunn May Already Be Setting Up Justice League Dark In The DC Universe

Justice League Dark Team DC Comics

Given the absence of word in the last couple of months, Abrams’ Justice League Dark universe being canceled isn’t a huge surprise. However, that does not always suggest that the group isn’t getting their due in live-action. With the launch of DC Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran are leading the charge for the brand-new DCUniverse Under their control, they are running television programs, motion pictures, computer game, and animation connected to the DC Universe.

One of the tasks they revealed in late January was a brand-new Swamp Thing film, which Logan director James Mangold is considered to helm. For years, Swamp Thing has actually likewise belonged to the Justice League Dark in the comics. With Abrams’ prepares relatively axed, possibly Gunn is establishing Justice League Dark to be utilized in his universe. Swamp Thing might quickly act as an introducing point for the supernatural side of the brand-new DC Universe.

Justice League Dark, as a principle, has a great deal of untapped capacities that might benefit the DCUniverse While aliens, gods, and metahumans have actually had a great deal of focus in other DC media, the wonderful and supernatural side of the DC world hasn’t had the exact same kind of spotlight. This would likewise not be the very first time one task gets axed in order for a brand-new variation to come to life as part of DCStudios Greg Berlanti’s Green Lantern series got ditched after being re-developed a 2nd time, with DC Studios now dealing with Lanterns as a brand-new DC television program. Perhaps the fate of HBO Max’s Justice League Dark will result in a comparable fate under Gunn and Safran’s DC Universe strategies.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter