White Men Can’ t Jump is getting a reboot, and 20th Century Studios has actually launched a very first appearance. The 1992 timeless directed by Ron Shelton is set to sign up with the long list of films with modern-day remakes, bringing when high-grossing stories to a brand-new generation with twists that fit today’s world.

The movie, which will strike Hulu’s screen on May 19, stars rap artist Jack Harlow, Sinqua Walls, and Lance Reddick, with rap artist Vince Staples likewise making an unique look. You can have a look at the very first teaser below:

White Men Can’ t Jump reboot is directed by Calmatic, an acclaimed video director, who has clarified what he wishes to make with this brand-new variation of the story:

“We locked the edit maybe a couple days ago. I feel like we gotta finish the sound mixing, throw some songs in there, get it color correct, and take it through the final stages of post. And then, I’m sure you guys will see something really soon. It’s definitely coming out this year.”

What’s the Original White Men Can’ t Jump About?

White Men Can't Jump

Released in 1992, White Men Can’t Jump follows Sydney Dean (Wesley Snipes) and Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson) as 2 hustlers who utilize their basketball abilities to obtain cash from uninformed street targets. While Sydney is aiming to attend to his household and get cash to purchase a brand-new home and leave his house in a bad area, Billy is attempting to pay a financial obligation he has with a mafia group that is following him and his sweetheart, Gloria Clemente (Rosie Perez).

After some problems, Sydney and Billy take part in a basketball competition where they make a fair bit of cash, however the latter loses it on a bet after his partner specifies that white guys can’t leap to rating.

The trailer for the reboot reveals a comparable vibrant in between the 2 primary characters, with Harlow’s character playing it as an inexperienced gamer simply to wind up revealing he’s the genuine offer. Even a few of the scenes displayed in the teaser appear comparable to the vibrant ’90s scenes in the initial motion picture.

This suggests the fans of the 1992 motion picture can anticipate a great deal of connections when it concerns character advancement and production style, even within the story, however perhaps not when it concerns the context of the lead characters, which will most likely be the most upgraded area of the movie.