The Dark Knight is set to be reimagined when again for James Gunn andPeter Safran’s DCU As part of the set’s prepare for the next years’s worth of movies, the superhero will be included in a film called The Brave and the Bold, concentrating on a variation of Batman who’s accompanied by the Damian Wayne version ofRobin The movie remains in its early phases, so now director has actually yet been exposed for the job, nor have the Batman and Robin stars yet been cast.

If it depended on Avatar: The Way of Water helmer James Cameron, a female director would be finest matched to helm that movie. The veteran filmmaker discussed superhero motion pictures in a brand-new interview with Time, assessing remarks he ‘d made in 2017 about Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman movie starringGal Gadot At the time, Cameron had actually slammed Gadot’s attire, though he now clarifies that he “loved the movie” and sees another side of why Wonder Woman gowns a specific method.

“I don’t have an issue with Wonder Woman. I loved the movie,” Cameron clarifies. “What was evasive to me at the minute was it’s okay if the female wishes to be lovely and gown well not for the male look, however for her own look in the mirror, right? I had actually perhaps missed out on that part of it at the time. You understand, life has to do with stumbling and individuals press back and we speak about it and things improve.”

Batman Would Benefit from a Female Perspective in the Director’s Chair, James Cameron Says

Classic Batman

Cameron went on to applaud ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow, who has actually amassed a terrific praise for her work directing male-centric action movies. She was the very first female director to win an Oscar after taking the award in 2010 for the male-led movie The Hurt Locker – even vanquishing Cameron for the initialAvatar Bigelow had actually formerly helmed the popular action movie Point Break which starred Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves.

“It was required to have a female director own a significant action film, though Kathryn Bigelow had actually been doing that for a while,” Cameron states, applauding Jenkins for Wonder Woman and comparing it to Bigelow’s work.

Cameron continues, “She would have turned down any superhero movie she was offered if it was a female lead. And that’s the healthier perspective, I think, personally. Why not have women direct male characters? Have a woman direct Batman. Now, you’re talking.”

The Brave and the Bold does not yet have a release date.