James Gunn is constantly going to address fan concerns. Since his promo as co-CEO of DC Studios, the department in charge of the brand-new DCU and all Warner Discovery productions connected to the comics business, he has actually invested much of his days responding to fan concerns on social networks, to prevent reports and incorrect info that might emerge.

Weeks back, Gunn revealed the very first jobs that will belong to the very first phase of his 10-year strategy, which undoubtedly consists of the involvement of 2 of the pillars of DC Comics: Batman andSuperman Both will have their motion pictures in the brand-new DCU, Superman: Legacy and Batman: The Brave and theBold In the latter, the Dark Knight will appear with his child, Damian Wayne.

For this factor, the statement puzzled numerous fans due to the fact that of the age distinction in between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, thinking about that the brand-new Man of Steel will be rather young, which is why Henry Cavill would not continue playing him in the future.

James Gunn Clarifies the Age Range Between Batman and Superman

Batman and Superman fighting in DC Comics

In a current tweet reacting to among his fans, Gunn described his own phrases and what they suggest:

“Yeah but people are speculating about both ages. All I ever said was Superman was younger than in his forties and Batman MIGHT be a couple of years older than Superman.”

This would not be the very first time The Dark Knight is a couple of years older than the Kryptonian hero. Ben Affleck, who shared the screen with Cavill in deep space developed by Zack Snyder, is 11 years older than his co-star.

In addition, fans of the Caped Crusader will likewise have the ability to take pleasure in a young Batman browsing his early years as the vigilante of Gotham City thanks toRobert Pattinson The star will continue to enliven the character in the 2nd part of The Batman, which has actually currently been verified for 2025 and will continue to be the part of the “Elseworlds” franchise.

As for The Brave and the Bold, it is a story of Batman and his real child,Damian Wayne This is based upon Grant Morrison’s terrific comics run, and will see this version of Robin as a little assassin who Batman attempts to get in line. It will be the start of what might be the Bat Family in the DCU.