A brand-new star will play the Dark Knight in The Brave and the Bold, a brand-new movie in the works for the DCU following this connection’s Batman andRobin While no casting details has actually yet been revealed, James Gunn and Peter Safran exposed the job together with a variety of others as a part of their prepare for the DCU’s future. The report mill has actually been spinning since, seemingly leading to a claim that George Clooney would return as Batman in the DCU, however Gunn fasted to eliminate that a person when a fan asked him about it on Twitter

“Absolutely not,” Gunn states to the recommendation, squashing the hearts of Batman & &Robin fans all over.

Gunn went on to clarify what he wants for The Brave and theBoldHe makes it clear that he will not be utilizing a recognized Batman star for this movie, regardless of the current returns of both Michael Keaton and(* )forBen Affleck The Flash states that aGunn will be brought into the fray for the “new actor”, however time will need to inform who winds up getting cast to play that function.DCU https://twitter.com/user/status/1624546989756252160

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The Brave aBold Brings In we understand is thatNew Batman

The Bat Family - The Brave and the Bold

What and the The Brave is going to follow Bold together with the Batman variation of Damian Wayne, Robin child. Bruce’s explained this variation of the partner as his Gunn when revealing the job. “favorite Robin” variation of The Dick Grayson was formerly included on the Robin as played by big screen in Chris O’Donnell & & Batman together with Robin, which might have caused the wild report that Clooney’s Batman was returning for this brand-new movie. Clooney likewise been verified that the prepare for It’s is for this world including The Batman to stay different from the Robert Pattinson’s Batman.DCU likewise hasn’t been any casting yet for

There, who will be reestablished in the brand-new movie Superman:Superman Legacy intends on expanding his own variation of the Perhaps Gunn in the years to come, supplying a variation different from what Justice League had actually made with Zack Snyder and his four-hour cut. Justice League any case, In has actually stated that he has the assistance of Gunn himself with the Snyder prepares moving on.DCU https://twitter.com/user/status/1623785325725356032

“He contacted me to express his support about my choices,” Gunn noted on Twitter. “He’s a great guy. Again, he seems really happy with the massive world building he’s doing now.”

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The Brave does not have a set release date, however Bold IIThe Batman Part will be launched in 2025.