James Gunn has actually as soon as again been utilizing his Twitter account to silently unmask theories about the upcoming slate of DCU films, this time reacting to a concern about the possible addition of Clark Kent having a child in the upcoming Superman:Legacy While there are still extremely couple of information learnt about any of the films can be found in the preliminary “chapter” of the DCU’s renewal, it appears that Gunn has actually fasted to dismiss the tips that Superman might be part of a household affair.

Gunn’s remarks can be found in action to another remark from the Henry Cavill advocates camp, who still have actually not quit on the star being restored asSuperman The post targeted at Gunn read, “There was no reason to change [Cavill] if your Superman is already going to have a child. What are you doing James? It’s lost.” Gunn’s basic reply read:

“I never said Clark is going to have a child.”

So, with another report falling the method of many others, exactly what will Superman: Legacy consisting of as its primary story thread? Again, aside from a tease of a more youthful model of the character pertaining to the DCU, and the description that he will be a “big galoot,” there is presently little to go on till the next wave of info is exposed.

Superman’s Latest Return Has Been in The Works Earlier Than Many Believed

Jon Kent over Metropolis in Superman: Son of Kal-El

While there is still a strong belief that the wave of modifications to have actually struck the DCU, consisting of the replacement of Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, were all initiated by James Gunn and Peter Safran, Gunn has actually unmasked these claims. Recently Gunn exposed that the reboot of the Superman franchise was not something that he initiated, however something that he was employed to deal with previous to his subsequent consultation as DC Studios’ co-CEO.

According to Gunn, he was “hired to write Superman: Legacy over six months ago,” which would make that film among the secret jobs that he teased while promoting Peacemaker and his subsequent DC work around that time. This likewise suggest that regardless of Cavill appearing in Black Adam’s post-credits scene, there was never ever a location for him in the DCU’s instant future as the brand-new model of the character was currently well underway.

However anybody feels about the handling of Cavill’s expected return and “firing” from the DCU, it is clear that there is a company course now being developed for the franchise moving forward. For much better or even worse, there is little that can be done to alter either that has actually taken place in the last numerous months, or certainly the last numerous years because Zack Snyder was required to desert Justice League in 2016. The essential thing from James Gunn’s point of view is plainly to make certain that from this point on, the DCU is the very best variation of the franchise it can be. Whether that is how everything exercises is something we will not learn for a number of years.