SPOILER ALERT: This story consists of SPOILERS for Violent Night.

A Violent Night follow up is presently in the works, and we’ll be seeing David Harbour returning for the bloody vacations when again as his badassSanta Claus There’s no informing right now who else may appear in the movie, though it’s possible John Leguizamo will appear to repeat his function in the initial. In Violent Night, Leguizamo plays the bad guy,Mr Scrooge, acting as the villain toHarbour’s St Nick. After a vicious fight, Scrooge is beat by Santa in such a way that quite definitively recommends the character is dead.

But this does not indicate there will not be a look from Scrooge in the follow up. Addressing the possibility in a ComicBook.com interview, Leguizamo teased that he extremely well may appear in Violent Night 2, however at the very same time, he can not particularly verify nor reject his prospective participation. As the star informed the outlet:

“I can’t reveal anything, but you might see me.”

Despite Scrooge’s fate, there are a variety of methods the character might be generated for a look in Violent Night 2 In a world where Christmas magic exists, maybe there will be a method for Scrooge to be reanimated. He might likewise perhaps appear in a flashback series. But it’s likewise simply as possible that the character will disappoint up at all, which Leguizamo simply does not wish to inform the fans anything about will remain in the follow up in any method.

Violent Night 2 Is in the Works

John Leguizamo Violent Night (1)

What we do learn about Violent Night 2 is that it originates from the very same imaginative minds behind the initial installation. Tommy Wirkola will be back in the director’s chair to utilize a script from initial authors Pat Casey andJosh Miller The movie remains in the early phases, and it might be that Leguizamo does not understand right now whether he might appear. Wirkola has actually teased that there were a great deal of concepts that didn’t get utilized in the very first film that are right there to be consisted of in Violent Night 2

“There’s stuff we left on the floor like the North Pole, Mrs. Claus, the elves,” Wirkola stated, by means of The Wrap. “But story-wise I believe we have a truly, truly cool concept that broadens on the world and scope, however still keeping that tone that we like from the very first one.”

Violent Night is now offered on Blu- ray and DVD, along with digital outlets.