Actress Kate Hudson just recently exposed that she checked out for the function of Satine in Moulin Rouge! Of course, the part notoriously went to Nicole Kidman, who later on was chosen for finest starlet at the 74th yearly Academy Awards for her representation of Satine: a cabaret entertainer and courtesan.

In Hudson’s interview with The World’s First Podcast!, the starlet notified the host how she lost on the function to Kidman and her subsequent sensations about it.

“I really wanted that part and it was written at the time for a 19-year-old girl, I believe. Then what happened was I was sort of in the auditioning process and then Nicole had a relationship with Baz and wanted to do it. And so of course, it was like, ‘I guess Nicole Kidman’s doing it…” Hudson included “I was bummed out. Of course, totally got it because it’s Nicole. It couldn’t be more different… I really wanted that part.”

Moulin Rouge! was launched in theaters in May 2001. The story notoriously informs the tale of a Moulin Rouge vocalist Satine who catches a young Englishman’s attention in the grand city of Paris in 1899. The supervisor of the Moulin Rouge! has actually betrothed Satine to a Duke in exchange for the latter sponsoring his upcoming task. As Satine’s wedding methods, she privately visits her young fan; all the while, she keeps a dark trick from her beau Christian and the Duke.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: Matthew McConaughey Reveals Behind- the-Scenes Drama


The popular 2003 drama How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, just recently commemorated its 20th anniversary with a reunion.

For those who do not understand, the renowned movie informs the story of a suggestions writer called Andie Anderson (played by Hudson). In Andie’s latest post, How to Get a Man to Leave You in 10 Days, the writer checks the limitations of what she is permitted to discuss. After getting favorable feedback from her editor, Andie sets out to hire an ideal topic for the experiment. Ultimately, Ben Berry (played by McConaughey) is picked. He is so positive of his capability to charm females that he thinks he can seduce them in simply 10 days. The prepares go awry when Andie and Ben cross courses.

According to Country Living, McConaughey exposed in a current interview that their duet scene covering the popular You’re So Vain tune exposed a side of the set’s sensations towards each other at that time: “We were legitimately kind of pissed off at each other in a really cool way. Like okay, that worked. But can we inject a little more of the charm and the love and the desire and the lust in there?”