In March, we might see Ke Huy Quan win the Oscar forBest Supporting Actor The previous kid star is up for the huge award following prevalent honor and numerous previous honors for playing Waymond Wang in the hit A24 motion picture Everything Everywhere All atOnce It’s an extraordinary accomplishment for Quan, who initially increased to popularity as Harrison Ford’s co-star in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Perhaps he was predestined for fame considering he was handpicked by Steven Spielberg to play Short Round after a long search to discover the best kid star.

In a brand-new chat with Deadline, Quan assesses when he landed the function ofShort Round At that time, he had no acting experience, and the 12-year-old had not even been thinking about a task in program company. As luck would have it, he had actually accompanied with his sibling to an audition, simply there for assistance and not to personally try for the function. However, the casting director saw possible in Quan and asked him to likewise check out for the character. Once Spielberg saw the video, he understood he discovered his Short Round.

“I didn’t go looking to be an actor,” Quan states. “I was just like a normal kid, going to school every day at my elementary school, 12 years old at that time. I immigrated here to Los Angeles in 1979, and four years later, as fate would have it, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas was looking for a Chinese kid to be Short Round. And they went everywhere looking for him. Couldn’t find him, almost gave up the role, when they decided to have an open call in Chinatown, Los Angeles.”

Quan continues, “My brother went to audition. I tagged along, and I was coaching him what to do behind the camera. The casting director saw me, and asked me if I’m interested in reading for him, and I said yes. The next day, we got that fateful call from Steven Spielberg’s office.”


Fans have actually been really helpful of Quan’s current success with his resurgence to acting. He has actually amassed fantastic appreciation for Everything Everywhere All at Once, handling to win the Golden Globe forBest Supporting Actor Spielberg was likewise present at the Golden Globes, as he won Best Director forThe Fabelmans Quan has actually stated how surreal it has actually been to be signing up with Spielberg, winning prominent awards 4 years after Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

“I love Steven Spielberg. I love this man with all my heart,” Quan informedVariety “And after I gave my speech on the stage, I looked over to him, and he gave me a standing ovation. Can you believe it? I could not believe it. Here is the most successful director of all time. Gave me a standing ovation. And he gave me a lot. Gave me my first job. He’s the reason why I fell in love with acting.”

We’ll discover if Quan wins the Oscar on March 12, 2023.