Thanks to functions like Neo in the Matrix legend, Jack Traen in Speed, or the title character in John Wick, action legend Keanu Reeves has actually turned into one of the terrific figures in Hollywood when it concerns action motion pictures. And it continues to grow within the category.

The star has a long profession and has actually played all sort of characters: an enthusiastic attorney in The Devil’s Advocate, an investigator of the paranormal in Constantine, or a guy in love in Sweet November andThe Lake House But there is no doubt that his stunt work and his action series have actually made him a star.

With the premiere of John Wick: Chapter 4 simply around the corner, a brand-new video has actually appeared that displays a few of the star’s physical capabilities, combating with nunchucks (by means of IGN):

The video likewise reveals numerous series in an automobile, which is rather typical in this kind of movie, particularly those with the primary character escaping from his opponents, as in John Wick.

In this 4th installation, John Wick handles his most deadly enemies yet in the upcoming 4th installation of theseries With the cost on his head ever-increasing, Wick battles versus the High Table international as he looks for the most effective gamers in the underworld, from New York to Paris to Osaka to Berlin.

Keanu Reeves Will Return as Constantine


James Gunn exposed the very first jobs of the brand-new DCU a couple of weeks earlier. And, although the long-awaited follow up to Constantine was not consisted of in the list, the job is moving on.

The brand-new movie will become part of Elseworlds, a series of independent productions ruled out within the primary canon, such as The Batman orJoker Francis Lawrence, director of the initial, will return together with Reeves for the 2nd part, which is currently establishing its script.

John Constantine belongs to DC Comics’ alternative publishing line,Vertigo Created by Alan Moore and cartoonist Stephen Bissette, he initially appeared in The Saga of the Swamp Thing # 37 in June 1985. Known as Hellblazer, Constantine is a working-class occult investigator and bilker who resides inLondon A chain cigarette smoker well-known for his limitless cynicism, he is identified by his deadpan sarcasm and his capability for callous adjustment. However, he is likewise an enthusiastic humanist, driven by an extreme desire to do excellent.