The Last of Us showrunners Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin deal with the theory that episode 6, “Kin”, includes a short cameo of secret The Last of Us Part 2 characterDina The struck HBO series is an adjustment of Naughty Dog’s commemorated PlayStation computer game franchise, with season 1 portraying the occasions of the initial 2013 video game. The Last of Us occurs in a world wrecked by an altered stress of the Cordyceps fungi that turns a considerable portion of the human population into ravenous cannibalistic beasts, causing a harmful world that Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) needs to escort Ellie Williams (Bella Ramsey) throughout, coming across Cordyceps victims and what stays of human civilization.

In the current episode of HBO Max‘s The Last of Us Podcast that fixates the current Last of Us episode, Druckmann, and Mazin highlighted the minute where a girl is seeing Ellie from a range, recommending that it might be a cameo by The Last of Us Part 2‘s Dina to hostTroy Baker While neither showrunner clearly verified that the girl was Dina, Mazin recommended that she might be by describing a piece of discussion surrounding Ellie and Dina’s very first conference from the 2020 computer game. Check out Druckmann, Mazin, and Baker’s complete exchange below:

Neil Druckmann: And then there’s a good sort of- Would you call it an easter egg? I do not understand if I’d call it an easter egg.

Craig Mazin: It’s a little, I indicate, it’s unclear. Somebody’s gazing at Ellie.

Druckmann: Yeah.

Mazin: I question who that might be, in theory or not. We’ll discover possibly one day.

Troy Baker: Oh! I totally missed out on that. “What are you looking at.”

Druckmann: Yeah, since in Part 2, there is a story about the very first time Dina satisfied Ellie that is extremely comparable to what occurs here.

Mazin: That does not indicate that that’s Dina, however it does not indicate it’s not.

How The Last Of Us Has Set Up The Last Of Us Part 2 Adaptation

Ellie and Dina in The Last of Us Part 2 Video Game

In The Last of Us Part 2, Dina (Shannon Woodard) is a fellow local of Jackson, Wyoming, who ends up being Ellie’s (voiced in the video game by Ashley Johnson), romantic partner in the 2020 video game. Dina plays an essential function within Part 2 after the set grow closer and Ellie ends up being a citizen of the town following the occasions of the initial The Last ofUs Dina signs up with Ellie on an individual mission for vengeance, functioning as a figure that Ellie not just takes care of however challenges her inspirations after an awful, ruthless occasion sets Ellie on her individual journey.

While The Last of Us has actually been concentrated on portraying occasions that included in Joel and Ellie’s journey throughout the very first video game, the series has actually likewise changed or included information that prepared to adjust the 2nd video game in the already-confirmed season 2. Alongside Dina’s possible cameo, the season has actually likewise provided factions who were entirely opponents in the video games, consisting of the militant Atlanta management, in a way that uses a degree of humanization to Kathleen’s (Melanie Lynskey) viewpoint. As such, The Last of Us season 1 adjusts the occasions of the very first video game in a tone more detailed to the more ethically unclear nature of Part 2‘s story.

Dina’s possible look stood apart in The Last of Us upon episode 6’s premiere, due to her significance to Ellie’s future. While Druckmann and Mazin’s action might be unclear, the latter’s recommendation to in-game discussion tips that the character made her unexpected launching. With Dina’s possible cameo, eagle-eyed audiences might now watch for other The Last of Us Part 2 nods in future episodes.

Source: HBO Max