Spoilers for The Last of Us episode 6 below!On the heels of The Last of Us episode 6, fans are a psychological mess over the program recreating a scene in between Joel andTommy Three months after hardly getting away Kansas City with their lives, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) handle to discover Tommy (Gabriel Luna) living well in a remote yet totally working neighborhood. To guarantee Ellie’s survival to a Firefly base in Colorado, Joel makes a psychological plea to Tommy, asking him to bring the last leg of the journey.

Following The Last of Us episode 6, fans required to social networks to share their psychological responses to the HBO adjustment’s leisure of the Joel and Tommy scene. Although Joel had actually preserved a difficult outside for Ellie throughout their journey, he softens for his sibling, discussing his worries and the losses he sustained. Through tears, Joel exposes that he desires Tommy to secure Ellie since he feels that he can no longer effectively work as her protector. Read what fans are stating about Joel’s psychological minute below:

How The Last of Us Changed Joel and Tommy’s Reunion

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 6 Tommy Maria Joel Ellie Reunion

Like the program, the initial The Last of Us computer game sees Joel reunites with Tommy months after Henry and Sam’s terrible death. However, when Joel and Ellie effort to go through the hydroelectric dam, they are challenged by Maria and her guards at the center’s gate. There, Tommy inserts as he instantly acknowledges his sibling.

The gamer, as Joel, takes a trip of the substance, following Tommy as he manages repair work on the dam prior to lastly having a heart-to-heart minute where the 2 catch up after being apart for so long. However, the program’s scene was rather various from the source product. In the video game, Joel tries to pawn off Ellie on Tommy, requiring that he take the task as his sibling owes him for all the years Joel kept them alive. Tommy exposes those years offered him headaches, almost pressing the 2 to blows prior to being disrupted by raiders assaulting the dam.

HBO’s The Last of Us takes the minute in a various instructions as Joel opens, exposing that he cares considerably for Ellie without straight-out mentioning his sensations. Joel plainly wishes to take Ellie all the method to Colorado and see the task through, however as an outcome of his feelings for her, he fears that he is a hinderance to her security. The brand-new scene takes a considerably various tone than the initial video game and exposes a lot of Joel’s character advancement in theseries With Joel significantly injured, The Last of Us episode 7 will put Ellie in the function of the protector, utilizing what Joel taught her to keep them alive.

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