The Last of Us star Melanie Lynskey erases a tweet out of worry it may ruin episode 5. Picking up after Bill and Frank’s psychological romance, The Last of Us episode 4 discovers Joel and Ellie utilizing Bill’s truck to take a trip to Wyoming, though they are assailed by outlaws and end up being stranded in the ruins ofKansas City The episode presents an initial character not from the video games, Kathleen, the callous leader of an advanced motion in the city who is searching a guy called Henry.

Shortly prior to episode 4 aired, Kathleen star Melanie Lynskey required to Twitter to tease her launching, however of out worry she may have ruined The Last of Us episode 5, she quickly erased the tweet.

To change the erased tweet, Lynskey chose to applaud her The Last of Us co-star Lamar Johnson rather, who plays Henry on the HBO program. Check out Lynskey’s post above.

What To Expect From The Last of Us Episode 5

Pedro Pascal screaming as Joel in The Last of Us episode 5

The Last of Us episode 4 ended with Joel and Ellie getting up to discover Henry and his more youthful sibling Sam (Keivonn Montreal Woodard) holding them at gunpoint. The newly-introduced duo are understood amounts from the video game, nevertheless, it stays to be seen how their story will be adjusted in the program. The Last of Us episode 3, for example, made numerous modifications to Bill and Frank’s story from the video games which were extremely popular.

HBO’s The Last of Us has actually currently made a couple of modifications to Henry andSam As exposed by The Last of Us episode 5 trailer, Sam is a Deaf character in the program and utilizes indication language to interact with his older siblingHenry This modification will permit the HBO adjustment to continue checking out how a post-apocalyptic world is various for individuals with impairments after Frank’s undefined degenerative neuromuscular condition in episode 4.

Following their confrontational conference, The Last of Us episode 5 will discover Joel and Ellie partnering with Henry and Sam to avert the violent innovative force led by Kathleen (and likely a Bloater hiding about the city). The 5th episode is likewise anticipated to broaden on Henry and Sam’s backstories and how they are connected to Kathleen and the Hunters’ inspirations. Due to the Super Bowl LVII this coming Sunday, The Last of Us episode 5 will air earlier than typical on Friday.

Source: Melanie Lynskey/Twitter