Peter Mayhew left a well-beloved tradition when he passed away in 2019, as the star best understood for playing Chewbacca in the initial Star Wars trilogy. He likewise left an attic’s worth of cherished Star Wars stuff, which stayed unclaimed when the star’s estate was offered following his death.

25 years after getting the residential or commercial property, the owners discovered Mayhew’s chest of Star Wars items while doing some long-neglected spring-cleaning. Apparently, they figured it might bring a quite cent at an auction.

They brought the products to an auctioneer called Angus Ashworth, who stated the preliminary exchange in a declaration to BBC:

” I was approached by a charming older couple who were clearing their attic a quarter of a century after moving into their residential or commercial property. The contents of the attic consisted of a bag of Star Wars souvenirs, which I believed may be of some interest to Star Wars fans.

When the late star’s other half got word that the products were being marketed, she revealed her lament through the Peter Mayhew Foundation’s Twitter page:

“When we moved out of this house Peter’s movement challenges made it impossible for him to get into the attic to get the rest of these memories. It really breaks my heart to see our belongings auctioned off like this by @angusashworth and @RyedaleAuction1. ~Angie Mayhew”

Once word returned to Ashworth about the initial Star Wars souvenirs’s real origin, the auctioneer chose to intervene in the interest of honoring Mayhew’s memory and tradition:

“Nobody had approached us to discuss it, and had they done so I would of course have talked to the vendors. The monetary value of the lot is fairly modest, but knowing how much it means to the foundation, and given that it had been in the attic for over 24 years, the vendors are quite happy to donate it to the foundation to have permanently within their personal collection, not for profit, so that fans can access it in perpetuity.”

Giving Chew-Back to Society

Ben Burt, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, & Mark Hamill in The Star Wars Holiday Special

The Peter Mayhew Foundation is a 501( c)( 3) not-for-profit company established in the star’s name to assist bring ‘a brand-new hope’ to those most in requirement.

Per their site, The Peter Mayhew Foundation is “devoted to the alleviation of disease, pain, suffering, and the financial toll brought on by life’s traumatic events. By providing its available resources directly to deserving children and adults in need, we assist numerous charitable organizations in order to promote and boost their effectiveness and provide support where needed.”

You can assist assistance Mayhew’s cause here.