A Michael Jackson biopic is moving on, having just recently discovered its director and lead star. Following the news that Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Emancipation) would be helming the biopic, it was revealed that Jaafar Jackson, the real-life nephew of the late vocalist, has actually signed on to play his uncle. The movie is getting produced by Graham King, manufacturer of Bohemian Rhapsody, the hugely effective Freddie Mercury biopic with Rami Malek as the Queen Singer.

Dan Reed, who directed the questionable HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, is not delighted about the Michael Jackson biopic, which has actually been calledMichael Penning a declaration for The Guardian, Reed is asking why there hasn’t been a big, public outrage over Michael preparing for production. He argues that his documentary exposes Jackson as somebody who sexually mistreated kids, going on to recommend that the late “Beat It” vocalist is getting a totally free pass due to the fact that of his appeal with fans.

“In an era when full-throated outrage accompanies anything that smells of delegitimization or insensitivity against a vulnerable group, it amounts to a deafening silence. No one is talking about ‘cancelling’ this movie, which will glorify a man who raped children… What the total absence of outrage accompanying the announcement of this movie tells us is that Jackson’s seduction is still a living force, operating from beyond the grave. It seems that the press, his fans and the vast older demographic who grew up loving Jackson are willing to set aside his unhealthy relationship with children and just go along with the music.”

The Michael Jackson Biopic Moves Forward


Leaving Neverland mainly highlights the allegations produced by Wade Robson and James Safechuck, 2 males who had actually been pals with Jackson when they were kids. In the documentary, they information the relationships they ‘d had with Jackson, explaining how he had presumably mistreated them. The documentary had actually encouraged some audiences of Jackson’s regret, however as they’re unverified claims, others have actually put less stock into the claims. For them, Reed still argues that Jackson welcoming kids into his bed room is bad enough, even if one does not think the claims of sexual attack. Reed indications off questioning how this will be discussed, if at all, in the biopic.

“To the film-makers, I say: how will you represent the moment when Jackson, a grown man in his 30s, takes a child by the hand and leads him into that bedroom? How will you depict what happens next? By sidestepping the question of Jackson’s predilection for sleeping with young boys, you are broadcasting a message to millions of survivors of child sexual abuse. That message is: if a paedophile is rich and popular enough, society will forgive him.”

Michael does not yet have a set premiere date, however will supposedly begin production quickly.