Brad Pitt will work along with seven-time F1 world champ Lewis Hamilton to get ready for his upcoming Formula One movie. The job, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, has yet to reveal a title, though reports that scenes for the job will be shot throughout weekend races of the upcoming 2023 F1 World Championships, arranged to occur in between March 5 and November 26.

Pitt was signed up with by Bruckheimer, director Joe Kosinski, and film writer Ehren Kruger at last October’s United States Grand Prix to talk about the job with F1 authorities.

Hamilton, who provides his voice to a vehicle variation of himself in Disney Pixar’s Cars 2, will sign up with the movie’s group as a manufacturer and consultant by method of his production business, Dawn Apollo Films.

While information about the upcoming movie are skint, it appears that Pitt will represent a veteran F1 racer who is entrusted with mentoring an up-and-coming chauffeur.

Lewis Hamilton Shares an Update on the Upcoming F1 Movie

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Hamilton shared an upgrade on the movie early today, stating that the production group is presently looking for the best co-star to appear oppositePitt “We’re going through a process right now of selecting the character that will be alongside Brad, which is exciting,” Hamilton described.

“Basically that’s the procedure of viewing[the auditions] We have recordings of them doing particular scenes, and we made it through it.

I’ve beinged in the workplace with Jerry and Joe and Brad, and we have actually been viewing them and sort of provided our inputs and what we believe.” Hamilton went on to discuss that he felt a sense of “responsibility” to guarantee that the movie’s cast varies, particularly when it concerns female representation on the planet of Formula One.

“I want to make the movie, in terms of like having diversity and representation, I want it to be as Formula 1 should be in the future – or should be now, but will be in the future. I want to see female mechanics. We would love to see a female driver. We haven’t gotten to that point just yet. But why not? Right now, we’ve still got the script. We’ve gone through quite a few different iterations of it. We’re still waiting for a new rewrite, and that’s the whole process. But I was doing that throughout Christmas. It’s exciting. I’m excited to get the next end of the script. I was talking to Brad last night about the characters that we have coming.”