Young Sheldon season 6 finale has fans on a roller rollercoaster of emotions. The unique one-hour year-ender for The Big Bang Theory prequel concentrates on Sheldon pressing through with his journey to Germany with Mary. Meanwhile, the remainder of the Coopers are left in the house to handle the after-effects of a catastrophe.

On the heels of Young Sheldon season 6 episodes 21 and 22, “A Romantic Getaway and a Germanic Meat-Based Diet” and “A Tornado, a 10-Hour Flight and a Darn Fine Ring,” fans take it to Twitter to share their responses to the finale. Read a few of the tweets below:


Based on these actions, the main takeaway from the Young Sheldon season 6 finale is the twister plot line in Medford. That’s informing, thinking about that the very same year-capper likewise handles a huge action for Sheldon towards his The Big Bang Theory future.

What’s Next For The Coopers In Young Sheldon Season 7?

Young Sheldon Season 6, Episode 8 Missy, Sheldon, Georgie, and Mandy

Elsewhere in the Young Sheldon season 6 finale, Mandy and Georgie are lastly engaged. Despite another dispute with the McCallister matriarch, it appears like Baby Cece’s moms and dads are prepared to lastly be a household. That will likely be a huge story in Young Sheldon season 7. Perhaps, it might even end with their much-anticipated wedding event.

Another interesting plot line that is conserved for next year is Sheldon and Missy’s reunion. The Young Sheldon season 6 finale ends with the twins still not on excellent terms. Considering Missy’s looks in The Big Bang Theory, nevertheless, it’s safe to state that they will ultimately spot things up. Perhaps that’s something that decreases when Sheldon returns from his summertime in Germany.

Finally, one plot line that is apparently lost in the shuffle is George’s unfaithful story. It’s curious if CBS is avoiding the event completely or if they’re just postponing it for Young Sheldon season 7. Nevertheless, there’s constantly hope that it will in some way be dealt with, thinking about how critical it remains in Sheldon’s arc.

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