After a stopped working pilot and a lengthy development procedure, the CW has actually officially stepped far from prepare for a live-action Powerpuff Girls series. Originally set to be based upon the hit animated series developed by Craig McCracken, prepares for the live-action program would have seen Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup portrayed as “disillusioned twentysomethings” who had actually grown resentful of their youth crime-fighting adventures. A pilot was officially purchased by The CW in February 2021, nevertheless, the finished item was later on turned down, and the job was without delay returned into redevelopment.

Now TVLine reports that after a year of relative silence, The CW has actually officially terminated deal with the series. Brad Schwartz, The CW’s President of Entertainment, exposed that the Powerpuff Girls program, together with numerous other series in development consisting of the Arrowverse spinoff Justice U and a female-led Zorro series, have actually all been restored to the studios. Schwartz described:

We’ve currently provided those back to the studios. So they’re totally free to establish those and offer them anywhere.

The Troubled History Of The Live-Action Powerpuff Girls Series Explained

Live action Powerpuff Girls first look image

Originally running for 6 seasons and generating an animated function movie, a Japanese anime series, and a 2016 reboot series, The Powerpuff Girls at first appeared like a reasonable residential or commercial property to base a brand-new live-action series on. With immediate brand name acknowledgment and an amusing property, the prepared series had the possible to profit from the success of other animated adjustments such as Netflix’s Fate: The Winx Saga. Yet in spite of the existence of an existing fanbase and skilled cast that would have consisted of Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault, and Donald Faison, the job eventually stumbled prior to it might ever reach its designated audience.

Simply retitled Powerpuff, recording on the program’s very first effort at a pilot episode officially got underway in April 2021. When set images initially emerged of the program’s 3 leads using their character’s renowned colored gowns, bothered audiences fasted to require to social networks and reveal their dissatisfaction. However, this would show to be simply the very first in a series of obstacles that included previous CW CEO Mark Pedowitz explaining the finished pilot as “a miss out on.” Meanwhile a dripped copy of the initial script would likewise go on to end up being commonly panned online.

Despite these problems, The CW still chose to press ahead with strategies to go back to the drawing board and revamp the script. However, due to scheduling disputes, Bennet, who was set to play Blossom, would later on leave the job completely. Since then, little else had actually been heard apart from reports that the program was still in active development since May in 2015, that is previously. While Warner Bros. might still select to go shopping the job somewhere else, it now appears more not likely than ever that audiences will ever get to see the Powerpuff Girls in live-action.

Source: TVLine