The departure of Thandiwe Newton from Magic Mike’s Last Dance featured a reasonable quantity of speculation regarding why the starlet left the production just 11 days into shooting. This consisted of reports that the starlet was “acting strange” on set and needed to delegate enter into rehabilitation, and likewise a popular tip that Newton was fired for encountering co-star Channing Tatum over their varying viewpoints on Will Smith’s notorious Oscars slap. However, director Steven Soderbergh has actually set the record directly that there is no fact in any of the reports. He informed Rolling Stone:

“Nothing I ever saw was accurate, and there’s really no upside for anybody involved in litigating this or excavating it, because I consider it private. Everything I saw publicly was wrong. It was just… I don’t think anybody sees any benefit in running through this publicly. It becomes something you can’t control. Right now, to keep it private means all of us can control it, and I think that’s where it should sit for the time being.”

Although Soderbergh did not entirely resolve the concept that there was something that occurred throughout the very first days of recording to trigger Newton’s departure, he plainly has no objective of making a story out of the occasions that took place and the factors that caused Newton being changed by Salma Hayek in the last installation of the Magic Mike franchise.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance Is Full of Testosterone, According to Star

Magic Mike's Last Dance Poster

Having signed up with the production late in the day, Salma Hayek didn’t take long to enter into her function in the 3rd Magic Mike film, and in addition to having a near-fatal lap dance minute while recording, the starlet formerly discussed how the movie needed the male dancers to have stringent diet plans and ideal bodies for their high testosterone screen. She stated:

“There was a lot testosterone I hesitated I was going to begin growing a mustache. They were speaking about waxing parts of the body that I truly didn’t wish to become aware of, however it was really rejuvenating, prior to it would have been seen terribly if they invested excessive time on their bodies or were vain. It’s an interesting time to be a female, however likewise to be a male, confusion is constantly an excellent landscape for transformation and I believe deep inside we put a great deal of weight on guys. The old thing that they need to succeed and accountable economically for the household– that’s a lot.”

Magic Mike’ Last Dance is among the motion pictures that handled to prevent the HBO Max cull of 2022 and be updated to a theatrical release rather. While the film will ultimately make its method to the streaming platform in the next month approximately, in the meantime, Tatum’s stripper is all set to strut his things one more time on thebig screen The movie debuts onFeb 10, and while very first evaluations have actually not precisely been the Chippendales of Rotten Tomatoes approval ratings, that will likely not injure the film’s attract its core audience.