The follow up of Avatar presented star and filmmaker Jemaine Clement asDr Ian Garvin.Dr Garvin is among the brand-new characters presented to the franchise and fans might have seen the character depicted by comic Marc Maron had he seriously handled his audition procedure. Maron’s expected journey to the Avatar follow up was interrupted after James Cameron chose that he’s not it.

During among the episodes of Happy Sad Confused podcast, Maron stated, “That was ridiculous. Why the fuck would I want that job? There’s this assumption that we’re going to do four ‘Avatar’ movies. Dude, I don’t even remember the first one! I don’t know what this all means to the world. [James Cameron] built this city down there [at his Long Beach studio]. There’s people doing acrobatics down there, people flying…it’s like Cirque du Soleil down there.”

As much as Maron wished to take some pictures on the set, he was restricted to do so and his phone was secured throughout the procedure. He stated, “All of an unexpected you remain in this zone with individuals [James] simply has there to check out parts and fly and be on dollies, I’m on electronic camera I believe. I got a photo a boat or whatever the fuck it is … I remain in the middle of this thing and I’m absolutely untethered and I have no sense of character. I have no concept what’s occurring aside from there are a number of unknown stars and acrobats all around me.”

Marc Maron Had No Regrets on Losing The Avatar Role


Although he lost a couple of hours of his life on the audition for Avatar: The Way of Water, Maron was grateful that Cameron didn’t cast him. If he was picked, he ‘d wind up transferring to New Zealand for the time being, and he confessed that he’s not comfy leaving house. With a sigh of relief, he stated, “Thank God [I didn’t get the part].”

He continued,“I don’t like being away from home. My agent was like, ‘You’re probably going to go to New Zealand for four years,’ or whatever the fuck it was. Some ridiculous amount of time. I was like, it’s not happening. Then [Cameron] sent me a box of cigars because he didn’t cast me. Ok, that’s nice. At this age, I have no problem saying no.”

Marc Maron was happy the function went to the Flight of the Conchords star. He concluded, “Like I would’ve had to go to New Zealand for a year and people would’ve been like, ‘Were you even in it? But Jemaine lives in New Zealand! He has family there. It was a no brainer.”