The MCU is never ever far from reports about the possible return of previous stars such as Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans in some type later on in the Marvel franchise in spite of their deaths following the close of Phase 3. However, when it comes the concept of Downey Jr bringing Iron Man back to assist the battle versus Kang in Avengers: Secret Wars, Marvel Studios executive Stephen Broussard has some sobering news for fans of the Marvel icon. He informed io9:

“If you look at, like, Cassie [Lang in Quantumania] getting a suit and Kate Bishop [in Hawkeye], new characters being introduced like Jack in Werewolf by Night. After these first 10 years of Marvel storytelling, torches are being passed, like with Robert Downey Jr. no longer being [on the] table and stuff like that. So it was kind of like a new generation stepping to the forefront which, again, has always happened in the comics. Now that those players are on the board and there’s a big bad coming [in the form of Kang the Conqueror], it’s about like, ‘What are they going to do with that? What are they going to do with this power?’ Because as you know, perhaps you’ve heard. With great power…[comes great responsibility.]”

For lots of fans, Phase 4 has actually stopped working to land, with a mix of over expectation and a pull-back in scope resulting in some thinking that the Marvel bandwagon might be coming off the rails. However, Kevin Feige has actually explained that stage as something of a renewal of the franchise, and this is something that fits quite with Broussard’s remarks about Downey Jr.

One Marvel Star Would Love To See Robert Downey Jr Return As Iron Man

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While promoting Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Jonathan Majors exposed that he would like to see Downey Jr repeat his function as Tony Stark in the upcoming Avengers films The Kang Dynasty andSecret Wars He stated:

This resembles aRobert Downey Jr day, he simply keeps appearing[to my head] Like, I understand he’s an OG. I indicate, he is among the originals. I’m simply such a big fan of him as a star. I believe what he made with Iron Man was such a present to the culture at big. I would like to be throughout from him on screen to see how our viewpoints, acting-wise and character-wise, simply personally, compare. You understand, I discover him to be such a remarkable artist, which is why Iron Man is so remarkable. His representation of Iron Man is so remarkable, and he represents an extremely clear world view and energy of theAvengers And I believe Kang represents a various period. It ‘d be actually intriguing to see those 2 sort of come together and have a little bit of discussion.”

However, in the meantime it appears that the possibility of Robert Downey Jr making any sort of look as Iron Man appears to be out of the concern, and it is a lot more most likely that some other enduring characters might fulfill their end in the climax of the Multiverse Saga.