Movies have actually been utilizing post-credit scenes for years, offering those ready to endure a number of minutes of credits something additional for their difficulties. In the last years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has actually ended up being the greatest provocateur of the current boom in these extra scenes, which frequently tease an approaching task or just settle an earlier scene in the motion picture. When it concerns why Marvel Studios feel forced to often use a minimum of among these extra scenes, it appears all of it returns to among their biggest innovative forces; Stan Lee.

In an interview with Inverse, another comics legend, Brian Michael Bendis thought back about the very first Marvel Studios post-credits scene, which saw Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury inform a suspicious Tony Stark that he was creating a group. While describing how post-credits scenes engage the audience, Bendis particularly referenced Stan Lee’s belief about composing as the guy factor they exist at all. He stated:

“Post-credits scenes can be a delightful exercise. It’s like a good cliffhanger. You leave the movie thinking about the story told, and you’re creating what you think might be the next story. The takeaway is that the credits [show] a world of imagination beyond what they were just shown. Isn’t that what this is all supposed to be about?Once they became a thing, it [felt] like a reflection of a Stan Lee storytelling device, which is ‘We’re never letting you go.’ Stan always talked about how every comic is someone’s first and it’s the job [of a writer] to never make it the last. I took that as my job, too. Get them to come back. We’re always playing with the strongest cliffhangers and the strongest pullback, and the after-credits scenes absolutely do that. We’re never letting you go.”

Marvel Studios Has Evolved Post-Credit Scenes Into A Story Device.

The Avengers eat shawarma

Whether it is establishing an approaching motion picture, or just offering fans a little bit more Bruce Campbell, the MCU has actually offered numerous post-credits throughout the last 15 years. Some have actually been beneficial and others have actually resulted in audible groans from those forced to relax through the credits to get that additional 30 seconds of video.

Many of the very first post-credits of the MCU included direct set-ups of the next Marvel Studios release. This consists of teases of the similarity Thor, Captain America and even the very first trailer for The Avengers. Of course it likewise consisted of the “Shawarma” scene, which was among the franchise’s very first examples of, “there is a post-credit scene, but it is purely for fun.” Over the following years, these “fun but inconsequential” scenes have actually continued to litter the franchise, generally coming at the very end of the credits. That has frequently left area in the middle of the credits for something to particularly whet the hunger for future films. Unlike the earliest credits scenes, a few of these teases have actually not been settled for many years, such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s Adam Warlock tease from 2017, which is lastly being settled this summer season after 6 years.