In a current interview with Gizmodo, DC Studios’ brand-new co-CEOs, James Gunn and Peter Safran, shared even more information on their upcoming collection of DC jobs. Among the news is that Jeremy Slater, Marvel’s Moon Knight author, becomes part of the group dealing with the brand-new stories.

Following the statement of DC’s upcoming movie and tv lineup, Gunn exposed that he deals with a group of authors that consists of distinguished DC Comics author Tom King, Christal Henry (among the authors on Watchmen), Christina Hodson (who took part in composing The Flash), Drew Goddard, and Slater.

Aside from Moon Knight, Slater’s works consist of movies like Fantastic Four and Death Note and tv programs like The Exorcist and Netflix’s Emmy- chosen The Umbrella Academy.

Slater will not be the only author who has actually dealt with both DC andMarvel Mark Waid, amongst numerous others, is an American comics author best understood for his deal with DC Comics’ The Flash, Kingdom Come, and Superman: Birthright, in addition to Marvel’s Captain America, Fantastic Four, and Daredevil.


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In the very same interview, Gunn was asked how the DCU is various from the MCU, to which he responded to:

I think that we have a lot of differences. I think that one of the reasons why I love DC is it really is another universe. It’s an alternate world. In Marvel generally, it’s New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and then every place else in the world is a fictional universe for some reason. Here at DCU we have Metropolis and Gotham and Themyscira and Atlantis, and all of that is sort of another fictional universe. And this is the world that we’re creating.”

Gunn included that producing this brand-new job is entering a world where the superhero characters exist currently. He stated that this job is more planned than Marvel from the start, which is since of the group of authors who are collaborating to compose that story out totally. He continued to compare the brand-new DC universe to Star Wars and stated it was comparable in having various times, locations, and things. He likewise compared the DCU to Game of Thrones concerning the ethical intricacy of the characters.

Gunn’s factor for wishing to handle this job was to care for the DC characters. He pointed out how it had actually been a messed-up roadway for a lot of them over the last few years. Gunn stated:

“I can’t go into politics. I can’t do anything with science. So the only thing I can do for this planet is to create stories about love. And that’s what I think that we can do over the next eight to 10 years.”

Safran and Gunn’s objectives for the brand-new DC Universe are broad, as they are trying to reboot and adjust DC motion pictures, television programs, video games, and more.