The cancelation of Batgirl and the reported cutting of an Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom cameo appears to have actually recommended that Michael Keaton‘s return as Batman in the DCU might be over prior to it actually begins. While there were apparently prepare for Keaton to get his own brand-new tradition Batman motion picture following looks in The Flash and other tasks, when the old DCU started to break down, much of these strategies fell by the wayside. Now nevertheless, James Gunn and Peter Safran have actually provided a twinkle of hope that Keaton might have a future as Batman on screen after all.

While exposing the substantial slate of upcoming DC tasks, that includes a brand name brand-new model of Batman, the joint heads of DC Studios provided fans simply a little tip that the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman in a bigger capability might still be on the cards, simply not as an instant top priority. In reaction to Keaton’s future, Safran and Gunn stated:

SAFRAN – “There’s always possibilities. We are a multiverse still.”

GUNN – “But the main thing that we’re focusing on right now is creating the universe that people put their feet into. And then out of that, if we want to have Multiverse Tales, which I actually know one of the things we’re working on does have a Multiverse Tale, is we’ll have that in there.”

Is Michael Keaton’s Batman Return a Good Thing For The DC Franchise, or Just a Gimmick?

Michael Keaton to Return as Batman in DC's The Flash Movie

The option of who plays Batman on screen has actually been a subject every bit as most likely to trigger an argument about who plays James Bond, or the Doctor inDoctor Who With Michael Keaton being the very first to play the Caped Crusader on the big screen, lots of fans hold him in an unique location amongst those who have actually put on the cowl.

The concern is can Keaton’s Batman suit the present DCU, or is he finest left in the past? While it does appear that his look in The Flash will now not result in a long-lasting function in the interconnected DCU, he might be back in his own standalone task even more down the line. How all that ends up will mostly depend upon how effective the preliminary strategies of Gunn and Safran remain in their execution, and whether fans will stick to the brand-new DC program enough time to see it take place.

For now, Keaton will definitely be a huge part of The Flash which will suffice for fans to begin with. As the motion picture is now understood to reset the whole DC Universe, and possibly established other universes that might be reviewed in their own stories later on, the last motion pictures of the old DCU strategy all of a sudden have a bit more value than they initially appeared to. With much of Gunn and Safran’s slate not striking movie theaters till 2025, this year’s motion pictures will be the last significant DC tasks fans get for a little while. Maybe there is absolutely nothing else to do than accept them as completion of an age, and get ready for what follows.