Mike Flanagan exposes the insane concepts he initially had for Midnight Mass season 2. Following on the heels of his Netflix scary programs The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, Flanagan in 2021 released perhaps his biggest development so far, the philosophical vampire storyMidnight Mass Set on a separated New England island, the program detailed the fight that occurred after the arrival of a strange priest (Hamish Linklater) and his frightening supernatural buddy.

Like Flanagan’s other Netflix reveals, Midnight Mass was never ever planned to be a continuous proposal, however he nonetheless did at one point have concepts for a Midnight Mass season 2. Speaking to the Script Apart podcast (through Empire), Flanagan comprehensive one especially wild concept he had for a 2nd season, which would have seen season 1 character Riley (Zach Gilford) making it through to the end, just to end up as the bad guy for season 2. Check out what Flanagan needed to state in the area below:

“It took years for me to realize that [Riley] had to get out of the way. That really broke things open in a huge way. We had done hints about a potential second season of the show, where Riley fights with the angel at the end, and you see him get his throat ripped open. You never see him die on screen. He came back as the antagonist of the second season, as this traveling preacher with a Southern Baptist revival tent. It was Warren and Leeza chasing him across America, trying to kill Riley, because he was now the villain of the story.”

Will Midnight Mass Season 2 Ever Happen

Midnight Mass Angel

Fans of Midnight Mass obviously understand that Riley passed away in really remarkable style midway through season 1, letting the sun eliminate him in front of Erin (Kate Siegel) to reveal her that he had actually ended up being a vampire. Given the power of that specific scene, it’s in fact difficult to think of Midnight Mass playing out any other method, however obviously there was an early variation of the story that entered a really various instructions.

Midnight Mass season 1 obviously ended in genuinely amazing style, with the majority of the citizens of Crockett Island passing away, and the “angel” vampire relatively being beat. But the fate of the vampire remained in reality kept unclear enough that it is possible to visualize a story for Midnight Mass season 2. That story might undoubtedly include the characters of Warren (Igby Rigney) and Leeza (Annarah Cymone), the only 2 survivors of the Crockett Island carnage.

But while the door appears open a minimum of a fracture on Midnight Mass season 2 coming true, possibilities are it will never ever pertain to fulfillment. Flanagan undoubtedly appears interested just in developing one-off restricted series like his current Midnight Club and his approaching The Fall of the House ofUsher Flanagan would likely need to think up a really engaging story to even think about reviewingMidnight Mass His initial Riley as the bad guy concept may have been really fascinating, however undoubtedly, Flanagan made the best option by eliminating Riley in season 1 at the specific best indicate move the story on to its stunning and remarkable ending.

Source: Script Apart (through Empire)