Mila Kunis has actually signed up with the ever-growing list of prospective stars who might be signing up with the MCU as part of theFantastic Four The Family Guy and That 90s Show starlet just recently fired up speculation after she was spotted conference with Fantastic Four directorMatt Shakman While there is clearly absolutely nothing to recommend that a conversation about a function in the Phase 6 motion picture was on the cards, that does not matter in the speculative world of social networks. You can take a look at the Twitter post below.

A translation of the caption in the Tweet checks out: “In the week that the director of Fantastic Four reveals that the casting for the film of the 1st team of Marvel is happening, Matt Shakman was seen talking and having coffee with actress Mila Kunis, last Tuesday, in Los Angeles.”

Naturally, there might have been a totally unassociated factor for catch-up in between the set, however with numerous reports about who might be ready to handle a few of the most crucial functions in the MCU being a hot subject, then the timing of this shot was constantly going to fall under the argument. This indicates that up until there is any type of main casting news about the motion picture, Kunis is simply another prospective name in the frame to handle the function of Sue Storm or maybe a various character completely.

As among the only non-Avengers films verified for the last chapter in the MCU’s Mulitverse Saga, there are lots of people who can not wait to see the Fantastic Four get here and ideally provide a lot more than the 2015 motion picture, which turned into one of the worst ranked Marvel films ever … even worse than Morbius!

The Fantastic Four Will Kick Off Phase 6 of the MCU

MCU's Fantastic Four

There is still a while yet prior to the Fantastic Four will make their complete look in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however whether they will appear prior to that is still unsure. Kevin Feige has actually currently made it clear that the motion picture will not be an origin story and Marvels First Family will get here as completely formed superheroes. How precisely this will be infiltrated the story, with them not formerly being discussed in the primary story up until Doctor Strange came across a version of Reed Richards (John Krasinski) in Multiverse of Madness, is yet to be exposed, however there is no doubt that those strategies are currently in location.

As for the real casting of the protagonist, that is something that is going to be hypothesized on for a couple of months to come, however with shooting set to start early in 2024 it is most likely that we will not learn the complete line up till among the huge Comic-Cons or Disney Expo occasions later on in the year. While there have actually been various fan castings for the functions, who really winds up handling the most recent version of the character might wind up being somebody anticipated, or might be among those things that entirely takes everybody by surprise.