Morgan Freeman is set to star in the upcoming movie Gunner together withLuke Hemsworth The movie has actually lastly discovered its bad guy as Morgan Freeman simply boarded the cast to play the movie’s villain based onScreen Daily Freeman will depict the function of a kingpin who leads the gang that abducted Hemsworth’s kids.

The movie’s director Dimitri Logothetis is enjoyed be dealing withMorgan Freeman On his interview with Screen Daily, he stated “I feel so privileged to have Morgan Freeman in Gunner. One of my most favorite and unforgettable performances of his is when he played the villain Thaddeus Bradley in Now You See Me. Freeman is deceivingly complex and perfect for Gunner.”

The production is arranged to begin shooting this spring and the group will be heading to Alabama to shoot the movie. Joel Shapiro and Logothetis will be producing the movie and Highland Film Group is set to deal with the movie’s sales and funding.

Everyone Seems Excited to Work With Morgan Freeman


Highland Film Group’s COO Delphine Perrier could not assist however reveal her enjoyment on dealing with Freeman once again. She stated “Working once again with such a matchless skill like Morgan Freeman is great and we’re enjoyed coordinate with him for a 2nd time in such a various and interesting function.”

Perrier continued “Writer Gary Scott Thompson has taken audiences on a number of thrill rides with The Fast And Furious and his screenplay for Gunner does not disappoint. And with action maven Dimitri Logothetis at the helm, we’re ready to roll on this high-octane story about a war hero who will do anything to protect his family.”

The main summary of Gunner checks out:

“War veteran Colonel Lee Gunner (Luke Hemsworth) takes his two sons on a fishing trip with their uncle Jon, to reconnect with them after being at the battlefront for so long. The trip turns awry when Jon stumbles over a tripwire and sets off an explosion, alerting a gang of violent bikers in the midst of a massive drug operation. Not anticipating Gunner’s elite combat skills, the gang members are taken out one by one. The boys try to escape for help, but end up right in the arms of Dobbs, the son of kingpin Kendric Ryker (Morgan Freeman) who runs the organization from prison. With no one but himself to retaliate, an enraged Gunner wreaks havoc to rescue his two sons, until he gets to the top and confronts Ryker. You don’t cross Gunner.”