Warning: SPOILERS for My Hero Academia Season 6 episode # 131.The My Hero Academia anime exposes the only weak point of One For All, the effective Quirk of the lead character, Izuku Midoriya (Deku), and it makes best sense. One For All was born with the intent of stopping the bad guy All For One and his power to take any Quirks, which is why it can’t be drawn from its user by force, with one, substantial exception.

In episode # 131 of My Hero Academia, an unconscious Deku fulfills the vestiges of the previous users of One For All in the heavenly world of his mindscape. Their discussion reveals lots of secrets about Midoriya’s power and its relation withAll For One Most significantly, the vestiges expose that the bad guy has actually crafted a method to lastly take One For All, and everything hinges around his protégé,Tomura Shigaraki All For One thinks that just a feeling more powerful than the cumulative will of One For All can enable him to take the Quirk, which is why he cultivated Shigaraki to feel the best hatred possible versus the world. After taking control of Shigaraki’s body, then, All For One ought to lastly have the ability to get what he desires.

One For All’s Weakness Is The Reason Why All For One Groomed Tomura

My Hero Academia chapter 364 implies why All For One chose to fuse with Tomura Shigaraki

The Quirk referred to as One For All is in fact the outcome of the combining of 2 various capabilities. When All For One by force provided his sibling Yoichi an unnamed Quirk with the capability to stock power, this combined with Yoichi’s own, yet-unrevealed Quirk, whose just capability was to be moved to others. This brought to life the tradition of One For All, handed down to lots of “successors” through the years, with the intent of one day ending the risk ofAll For One The bad guy, for its part, has actually been attempting to take One For All, however without any success, as the nature of the Quirk enables it just to be moved voluntarily. All For One, nevertheless, discovered a method around this restriction: making Shigaraki’s hatred so strong that it can conquer the self-discipline of the 9 One For All users.

This unforeseen weak point of One For All in fact makes best sense. The origin of this Quirk is, according to One For All’s very first user, Yoichi: “A strong will that refuses to yield to All For One“, so it’s just natural that the bad guy himself would not have the ability to take it. However, if self-discipline is the factor for One For All’s power then it makes good sense that a more powerful self-discipline might conquer it. Being a bad guy, All For One naturally thinks that unfavorable feelings are more effective than favorable ones. This is why he ventured to produce a vessel like Shigaraki, so twisted and damaged that his hatred extends versus every element of the “hero society” that has actually harmed him.

My Hero Academia’s Final Battle Will Be More Than Physical

This duality in between One For All and All For One becomes part of what makes My Hero Academia so engaging. This fight is not practically who is more powerful or has the best power, it has to do with sensations and self-discipline. Ultimately, One For All‘s weak point indicates that this clash will be chosen by which is more powerful in between hatred and hope, however fans will need to wait till My Hero Academia‘s ending to discover.

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