Nuns have actually long been portrayed as strange and haunting figures in spiritual scary movies. Later this year, The Nun 2 is set to be launched, however audiences who like this category can experience a taste of a church-related motion picture previously withConsecration This movie is set to strike theaters onFeb 10.

The movie is directed by Christopher Smith and co-written byLaurie Cook This story focuses on a female character called Grace, who is played byJena Malone When her sibling inexplicably passes away at the Mount Saviour Convent in Scotland, she takes a trip to the convent to examine the occurrence. Initially getting support from Father Romero, represented by Danny Huston, Grace ends up being hesitant of the church’s story. She finds murder, blasphemy, and a stunning reality about her own distressed past, resulting in the resurfacing of quelched injury.

Recently, ScreenRant shared an exclusive clip from Consecration in which the convent’s Mother Superior and Father Romero disagree about Grace’s fate. Father Romero thinks he must supervise of Grace’s future, regardless of Mother Superior’s unwillingness to trust her. In spite of their distinctions, both sides concur that something evil is taking place. You can examine it out below:

As part of the cast of Consecration, you’ll discover Jena Malone, Danny Huston, Dame Janet Suzman, andThoren Ferguson In the movie, Grace explores what takes place when somebody passes away in a sanctuary and the possible sins she might have devoted in the past. From the clip, we can see that Jena Malone’s efficiency will likely add to the total frightening feel of the movie.

A Combination of Suspense, Terror, and Unexpected Surprises


Director Christopher Smith has a performance history of producing thriller, directing the tension-filled British miniseries Temple, which starred Mark Strong and Carice vanHouten This experience might rollover to Consecration, contributing to the weird setting of the motion picture.

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Consecration uses a familiar formula discovered in comparable spiritual titles, where the lead character checks out a remote neighborhood looking for responses however winds up caught, intimidated, and driven to madness. The motion picture checks out deeply concealed tricks and concerns the reality behind the primary character’s past. As we can see in the clip, this scenario triggers Grace’s mindset to end up being unsteady. The movie likewise depicts a cult-like environment with a mix of thriller, horror, and stunning minutes.