New Star Wars shooting information have actually meant the possible return of Naboo, the homeworld of Padm é Amidala – andPalpatine When George Lucas chose to go back to the Star Wars franchise in the late ’90s, his prequel trilogy presented a wealth of brand-new worlds and areas. One of the most lovely was the world Naboo, homeworld of Queen (and later on senator) Padm éAmidala Viewers quickly found out Naboo was an especially crucial world, due to the fact that it was likewise highly connected toSheev Palpatine Secretly a Dark Lord of the Sith, Palpatine utilized his political power as Naboo’s senator to steer himself into position for an effective run as chancellor. The Republic was up to the Sith a complete years prior to the Clone Wars, and it was not till their end that the Jedi found out the reality about Naboo’s previous agent.

According to Making Star Wars, the prequel world – not seen in the initial trilogy – might quickly be returning. They report sources declaring Lucasfilm is preparing a shoot at Hever Castle,Kent This place was utilized for shooting numerous Naboo scenes in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, raising the possibility Star Wars is heading back to Naboo (perhaps for shooting of Andor season 2, although this is not validated). Making Star Wars note there have actually traditionally been events where Lucasfilm shot in the exact same place for various worlds, however the possibility of a go back to Naboo can not be dismissed.

A Return To Naboo Would Fit Well With Andor Season 2

Naboo Skyline

Naboo flourished throughout the Dark Times of the Empire’s reign, mostly due to its Palpatine connection. This most likely describes why Luthen’s gallery (very first seen in Andor episode 4) includes numerous products associated with Naboo – including what appeared like among Padm é’s own old headdresses. It’s simple to picture Luthen regularly going back to Naboo to gather more artifacts for his antique store – and it definitely assists that Naboo is understood to have actually been a hotbed of disobedience. Padm é’s handmaidens functioned as the nexus for a group called the Amidalans, committed to weakening the Empire and avenging Padm é’s death. They blamed Darth Vader for this, and were concentrated on eliminating him.

A go back to Naboo would assist Andor work as something of a bridge in between the prequels and the initial trilogy (a comparable function to the one inhabited by the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ television program). Andor functions as a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, where its lead character will offer his life to recuperate the Death Star strategies. This indicates the program currently has strong ties to the initial trilogy – and a link to the prequels would assist enhance the franchise as a whole.

These reports are far from validated, naturally; as Making Star Wars note, it is totally possible Lucasfilm is just utilizing a familiar place to shoot a totally brand-new world. Still, the existing Naboo connections in Andor have actually currently drawn remark; there’s been some speculation Luthen’s assistant Kleya Marki is really among the handmaidens. Only time will inform whether these theories hold true.

Source: Making Star Wars