The upcoming Game of Thrones spinoff A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight might be coming even quicker than the next season of the already-aired spinoff House of the Dragon. The series will be adjusted from a series of 3 novellas by George R. R. Martin following the characters Dunk and Egg, particularly 1998’s The Hedge Knight, 2003’s The Sworn Sword, and 2010’s The Mystery Knight. The characters are the more youthful variations of Ser Duncan the Tall and King Aegon V Targaryen, both of whom are referenced however never ever appear in Game of Thrones.

Deadline just recently took a seat with HBO head of drama Francesca Orsi to talk about the future of the HBO slate. During their discussion, she exposed that the Hedge Knight spinoff will run “ideally year-to-year and arcing out a three-season series.” It might likewise really quickly premiere prior to House of the Dragon season 2 since, thanks to its absence of dragons, it has much less requiring visual impacts. Read her complete quote discussing HBO’s plan for the series below:

The plan is more of an imaginative one because much of the thinking behind it is that it has a smaller sized canvas, that there’s an intimacy to the visual canvas that enables us to create the program quicker than state House of the Dragon may reverse since there’s a lot VFX. You might understand based upon the novellas that dragons don’t exist so by virtue of that it will be a much faster piece to reverse considered that we don’t have all these visual result possessions requiring to provide.

[The Hedge Knight would run] preferably year-to-year and arcing out a 3-season series, which draws up the 3 novellas that George composed. Of course, we’d like more beyond that, and George is continuing to think of the staying novellas that he still wishes to compose however at this moment, we have our eye on 3 seasons that would draw up each book, each novella.

Could The Hedge Knight Go Beyond Three Seasons (& Should It?)

Hedge Knight covered in blood.

Like any series that’s presently in advancement, HBO is keeping their alternatives open as it connects to The Hedge Knight‘s total durability. Should the program end up being a runaway hit on a huge scale, it’s just natural that they would check out extending it beyond 3 seasons. However, it may make one of the most sense to top it at 3 seasons no matter what.

There is no warranty that Martin will compose a 4th novella in the series prior to the program reaches its 3rd season. The author has actually infamously postponed the publication of the 2 most recent Song of Ice and Fire books for over a years and still has strategies to release a 2nd volume of the Targaryen history Fire & Blood, upon which House of the Dragon is based. Breaking far from the story of the books becomes part of what led the mostly reviled Game of Thrones season 8 astray, so Hedge Knight may be sensible not to follow in its steps.

Additionally, now that the flagship Game of Thrones series has actually ended, concentrating on a larger range of short-run series may be the ideal relocation. Should the franchise desire to check out a correct broadened universe, it may be smart to follow the design of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney+. Giving several characters and areas time to shine in their own miniseries might assist keep deep space fresh instead of concentrating on simply a couple of longer-running series.

Source: Deadline