The struck follow up Avatar: The Way of Water has actually been ruining package workplace because its premiere, and as the film continues to generate the dough on top of what the franchise had actually currently made with the initial, Nia Long can’t assist however question what it would resemble to be a part of the phenomenon. Long, who can be seen in the brand-new Netflix funny You People, shared her ideas on Avatar in a brand-new interview withThe Cut She was discussing how she seems like she gets passed over for a lot of functions, questioning why she could not have actually remained in factor to consider for something like Avatar.

“I’ve felt passed over on things, for sure,” Long discusses. “There have definitely been moments like, Why wasn’t I considered for that? Like, why wasn’t I considered for Avatar? I think Zoe’s amazing. But I wasn’t even a topic of discussion, you know?”

Long continues, “A lot of times, to be fair, directors know in their minds who they want. It’s happened to me, and it’s not happened for me. I would love to do a film like Avatar because I’m really a fan and obsessed. I would even do a supporting role in a film like that because it’s so magical and beautiful, and there are so many lessons and a connection to Mother Nature, humanity, and race. I just think it’s fantastical.”

Nia Long Doesn’t Audition Much These Days, But Would for Avatar


Long does state in the interview that she hasn’t needed to audition for any of her current functions, having actually invested years in business. With that stated, she ‘d want to audition when it concerned perhaps signing up with the Avatar franchise. She states she ‘d do this to squash any doubt that might be there for a specific function, making it clear she ‘d enjoy to do whatever it took simply to be thought about.

“For Avatar 5, I would,” Long states. “I would if it was something that someone thought I wasn’t right for that I know I could do.”

As Long notes, her very first chance to possibly sign up with the Avatar household would be with the 5th movie. The 3rd installation has actually currently been shot and the 4th remains in the works, having actually currently been cast. If there are some open functions for brand-new characters in the 5th Avatar movie, Long desires James Cameron andCo to understand that she’s on standby and going to audititon, whether that’s for a primary or supporting function.

Avatar: The Way of Water is playing in cinema while Long’s You People is streaming on Netflix.