With The Last of Us episode 3 getting some reaction, Nick Offerman safeguards it from homophobic tirades. Though The Last of Us mostly focuses around Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as they take a trip throughout the continental United States, episode 3’s “Long, Long Time” diverges from them to concentrate on the romance of Offerman’s Bill and Frank (Murray Bartlett). With the 2 taking pleasure in a lasting romance covering practically twenty years, they age and ultimately consent to head out together.

After being targeted by bigoted Twitter users, Offerman reacted to one person to make it clear that he particularly made episode 3 in action to homophobia. Check out Offerman’s tweet below:

Despite its prevalent praise, a review-bombing project has actually targeted The Last of Us episode 3 due to numerous homophobic remarks, which resulted in Offerman’s sharp defense. After Offerman’s reply, the initial poster ultimately erased their account.

Why The Last Of Us Episode 3 Was Necessary For The Show

Frank Shielding Bill's Eyes and Smiling in the Last of Us

The story of The Last of Us episode 3 has actually drawn huge appreciation for its representation of a perfect LGBTQ+ love in the middle of an apocalyptic wasteland, however it was more than simply gay love at the end of the world. As a franchise, The Last of Us has actually constantly concentrated on the human aspect of the zombie armageddon instead of the contaminated. Given that whatever learnt about HBO’s The Last of Us shows that it is following the exact same trajectory, episode 3 was important to attain that objective.

By revealing Bill and Frank’s love growing and altering throughout the years, the episode serves to strengthen why enduring is lesser than living. Bill quickly might have gone on after Frank’s death however selected to stay next to his other half even to the end. It’s a strong contrast with Joel, who is required to survive on in the wake of the loss of Tess, which shines a light on Joel’s own personal torture.

The letter that Bill left for Joel is likewise essential due to the fact that it motivates Joel to produce a bond with Ellie and attempt to move on. Joel is delegated secure the a single person he has actually left, simply as Bill sought findingFrank While The Last of Us episode 3 deviates enormously from the video game, Bill’s modifications are best due to the fact that they match the tone that the program is attempting to cultivate, and it’s why Offerman is safeguarding it so increasingly.

Source: Nick Offerman/Twitter