Disney+’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1 is a wrap ahead of its set up 2024 release, and a brand-new behind-the-scenes video has actually been shared of series starWalker Scobell The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Disney+ series stars Scobell as the titular Percy Jackson character together with Threnody Tsai, Jason-Gray Stanford, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Lance Reddick, and Toby Stephens in its star-studded ensemble cast. The series is set to follow Percy as he leads a mission throughout the nation to avoid a war amongst the Olympian gods.

In a behind-the-scenes video shared by Percy Jackson and the Olympians developer Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson star Walker Scobell channels his Poseidon parentage and shares that production on season 1 of the Disney+ program has actually covered. Riordan formerly shared his ideas on the series, stating that the program improves and much better with every episode he had actually seen to that point. The developer appears to be extremely happy with how things are going as they try to correctly adjust the terrific source product for a 2nd time. Check out the undersea behind-the-scenes video Tweeted by Riordan below.

Percy Jackson’s Underwater Scenes Look Like They Will Be Incredible

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Rick Riordan’s undersea behind-the-scenes video is an ideal method to tease what will likely be a water-soaked Percy Jackson and the Olympians series on Disney+. The Percy Jackson developer has actually teased the undersea series in the movie as being quite remarkable and extreme. The reveal went through a difficult procedure of getting all the shots right, which is similar to another Disney franchise,Avatar James Cameron used some amazing innovation and techniques to movie Avatar: The Way ofWater Since Disney is supervising both productions, it stands to factor that Percy Jackson and the Olympians might be a sensational watching experience.

It’s just suitable that the program’s undersea scenes be treated with terrific care, as Percy Jackson is the child of Poseidon, the trident-wielding god of the sea. In addition to the phenomenon that Avatar: The Way of Water was, the current Disney production Andor is another factor to be delighted. The seriously well-known Star Wars series looked incredible thanks to its mix of shooting in various places throughout the world and heavy dousing of post-production style. If Percy Jackson and the Olympians can integrate the very best of both worlds, there must be absolutely no grievances about how the undersea parts look.

Everything We Know About Percy Jackson Season 1

Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+

Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1 will concentrate on the unique The Lightning Thief, which is the very first book in thePercy Jackson series Based on that, the program needs to get with Percy knowing of his parentage and the powers that occur with it. Then, he will be required to handle Zeus, the god of the sky, after the god implicates him of taking his lightning bolt. The rest of season 1 needs to have to do with Percy’s journey throughout America to get the lightning bolt back and bring back order to the gods. The brand-new Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is stated to be a new beginning after the bad reception of the initial Percy Jackson films. The reveal will strike Disney+ in late 2023 or early 2024.

Source: Rick Riordan