Fans are still waiting to see what will occur with Pirates of the Caribbean 6, as it stays uncertain what will occur next with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Another movie appears inescapable, as manufacturer Jerry Bruckheimer states there are active strategies to get another motion picture off the ground. Johnny Depp has actually sworn he would not return as Jack Sparrow for any brand-new films offered his falling out with Disney, and while there have actually been reports of Margot Robbie leading a female-led reboot, she has actually mentioned that the job has actually been shelved.

In any case, whatever does wind up occurring with the franchise, star Jack Davenport is all prepared to return as Commodore Norrington must Bruckheimer provide him that call. In a brand-new chat with Entertainment Weekly to promote The Accused, Davenport was asked if he ‘d be up for repeating his function as Norrington for his own Pirates of the Caribbean reboot, offered how Marvel and Star Wars characters have actually been getting that treatment at Disney+. Davenport confesses that the ods of a Norrington spinoff occurring are virtually absolutely no, however he’s still more than delighted to step up if that’s something that does wind up concerning fulfillment.

“A snowball in hell has a stronger chance of survival than the Commodore Norrington reboot, but sure,” Davenport states, going on to let Bruckheimer understand he’s awaiting the call. “Jerry, if you’re watching, which I know you’re not, I’m there. Yes, you can put me back in brigade, I’ll do it.”

Fans may remember that Norrington was exterminated in the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean motion picture,At World’s End But that does not always suggest he can’t be included in a prequelseries As magic is likewise developed to exist in the Pirates of the Caribbean world, it’s in theory possible for Norrington to be reanimated also.

What Will Become of Captain Jack Sparrow?


Fans might be primarily worried about the status ofCaptain Jack Sparrow During his disparagement trial with ex-wife Amber Heard, arising from claims she had actually made that Depp had physically mistreated her, Depp affirmed that he was fired by Disney due to the fact that of the debate. Some fans are hoping that Depp can go back to the franchise after basically clearing his name in court with a jury siding in his favor, however Depp likewise affirmed he felt so betrayed by the shooting that he does not believe he can ever deal with Disney once again.

“There was a very deep and distinct feeling of having been betrayed by the people that I had been working with, the people I had worked hard for, people I had delivered a character to that they initially despised,” Depp stated in court.

It’s constantly possible Depp might wind up altering his mind as the trial gets even more and even more behind him. For now, the status of Pirates of the Caribbean stays uncertain, though Bruckheimer has actually stated that development is moving on on another prepared movie different from the Margot Robbie reboot.